To Kill A Monster

To Kill A Monster

 Marysville, Ohio, USA

The most high energy thing that you have ever seen in your entire life. Something that you will never forget because every single person is looking to postivity in their lives. The Sound is a mix of alternative, punk, metal, indie and everything in between. Unforgetable. We promise nothing less than every single ounce of energy that we can muster up and a little extra that seems to come from some cosmic source. Maybe like a star or something... or distant planet. Maybe we're aliens.. I'm not rea

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Last Night In Town Demo - 2005-6 (recorded as Last Night In Town)

Bears Fight Bears - 2010
tracks: 1. Blood of 1000 Orcs (central Ohio radio air play)
2. Sexy Girl (central Ohio radio air play)
3. Bring It Away
4. Beautiful
5. Skip Off
6. 10 Seconds til The ThumbTack Attack

It's Dangerous To Go Alone... Take This! - 2012
tracks: 1. Get Ridiculous
2. Good News Everyone! (central Ohio radio air play)
3. Bear Song
4. My Undead Fairytale
5. The Kraken Swag
6. Shop Smart, Shop S-Mart