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Classy and Styling…describes this young talent emerging from the North. He has mastered his style and defined originality. Radio friendly hooks, smooth silky flow laid gently on massive beats makes the toughest critic bounce and enjoy



TOK’N is the catalyst of a new hybrid, urban sound. By blending Hip-Hop, Rock and Pop hooks with a distinctively unique flow, TOK’N has drawn upon influences both old-school and new. With vibes assaulting the listener from all sides consisting of blended elements as diverse as Run DMC, Jimi Hendrix, Jay-Z, Papa Roach, K-OS and Ludacris, this is unquestionably a music for all era’s.
TOK’N doesn’t just bring together ideas, but the people and resources to back them up… His new CD, “ THE THIRTEENTH FLOOR ” features performances by some of Canada’s best new emerging urban talent including, TEXX & Mr. Ranking, Derek “Dirty” Simon (Toybox) all put together by the all-star production team of Mike Dmitrovic & Mike Kiofos at Voodoo Records.
His first single & video, “ BREAKIN’ THE GAME ”, perfectly showcases his riveting blend of sounds, words, grooves and styles that create incredibly catchy music relevant to his roots in Canadian suburbia, but with rock-solid Hip-Hop credibility and influence that is respected across borders.

Look for the exclusive online video premiere of “BREAKIN’ THE GAME” at Yahoo Music Canada, March 19, 2007.


Video - Breakin' The Game
Full Album - 13th Floor
Single - Breakin' The Game
Limited Edition Album - Breakin' Da Game
- Voodoo Records

Set List

Anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes show up to 12 songs

1 - Thirteenth Floor
2 - Breaking Da Game
3 - Like It Like That
4 - How I Roll
5 - Rush
6 - Stay A Float
7 - Yes Sir
8 - Guzzle & Pull
9 - Forever
10 - Join Da Ride
11 - Under
12 - My Biznaz

All original material