Soulful, raw, rhythmic and gravelly-sweet, Toko-pa's voice is her signature and her songs are as catchy as burrs. Haunting you long after they're over, the poetic daring of Toko-pa's songs touch you in hidden places, leave you feeling more alive.


A farmhouse in Devon, a houseboat in Amsterdam, a geodesic dome in the Kootenays and a caravan on an island. These are only some of the places Toko-pa has lived and the rich poetry they have inspired can be found woven into the lyrics of her songs.

Set List

A typical set ranges from 45 minutes to an hour of original music, the occasional spoken word piece and/or a cover song thrown in for flavour.

Depending on its length, a set may include:

1. Rivers and Creeks
2. Halfway Love
3. Eye and Eye
4. Bounding
5. Fair and Right
6. Silver Tracks
7. Complicated
9. Nobody's to Blame
10. Brick Families
11. Half A Sister
12. Owen
13. Breakdown
14. Nothing But My Heart
15. Blood on the Snow
16. The New Strong
17. Just Be True
18. Nelsontown
19. Casablanca
20. Far From Familiar
21. The Country
22. The New Condition
23. Mothersong
24. Island of Sun
25. Lay Down
26. Sundogs