Tokyo Police Club

Tokyo Police Club


Winston Churchill, that master of the verbal thrust and parry, described TOKYO POLICE CLUB thus: "Like a swift kick in the pants followed be a raucous dance party." Touche, Mr. Churchill, touche.


Tokyo Police Club - A Lesson In Crime

“When you’re standing near - Tokyo Police Club!
When you’re standing next to me - Tokyo Police Club!
Lost in the pacific - I’m arresting you for being in love.”
– Tokyo Police Club, ‘Cheer It On’

Discordant noise and sublime melodies – who can resist? The Tokyo Police club demo wound up in the hands of Paper Bag Records after a sweaty Pop Montreal show. We played it once, twice, three times and beyond that we lost count – then we did that every day and eventually just made time in our schedules to kick back and enjoy “The Nature of the Experiment”, the bands clear party tune, on a daily basis for the rest of our lives.

At the start of high school David Monks (Vocals, Bass), Josh Hook (Guitar), Graham Wright (Keyboards) and Greg Alsop (Drums) started learning to play together from scratch…

Their first band fizzled (whose doesn’t?) – The new order came about when the boys realized how much they missed playing music. “Cheer It On” had already been written, and ‘Tokyo Police Club’ featured as a lyric, according to Monks: “it’s justified as the band name in its own ridiculousness.”

Picking apart the average chord and creating something quite amazing – the guitars are disjointed, high yet perfectly pitched, erratic, verging on sci-fi, even. They’re cushioned with bumbling, pillow fight bass lines, crashing open hi-hat, and good humored keyboards. This is the sound of Tokyo Police Club.

The band has the usual list of idols, musicians that play with their hearts on their sleeves. But secretly, they divulge, with a smile that’s ironic measurements are hard to gage, “We think Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones are the real deal.”

Monks describes the band as, “wide-eyed post-punk with a tendency to get over excited - so much so that someone has to come and tell it to settle down.” Hook’s blistering guitar would be enough to induce goose bumps alone, the effect of the band as a whole should come with some sort of warning.

Raucous and delicious – with a lyrical sound resonating in Thurston Moore and the same musical concoction bands like Sonic Youth, Built to Spill and Pavement reeled in many moons ago. The boys are adorable, with an interesting new sound to offer. They’ve taken all the good bits from indie rock in the past decade and then put their individual spin on things.

The tracks were already written – the sound was already being nurtured – after just 3 days of recording in the studio ‘A Lesson In Crime’ was slapped on the ass and wrapped in a blanket.

At their first show, the boys had more cupcakes than audience members. However, word of mouth is spreading in a way we have no handle over – the new arrival has been announced – please try and keep up.


Nature of the Experiment

Written By: Tokyo Police Club

Nature Of The Experiment:


We've got our tracks covered
Thanks to your older brother
It's not the moonlight that sets me off
It's not the money that makes me scoff

It's my impeccable disorder
Where I keep on falling for her
It's not the way my mother talks
It's not the people that she mocks

It's the nature of the experiment
It's the patterns of my temperment
It's the nature of the experiment
They're taking me in increments

We're half wayup the bracket
The rain comes through my jacket
It's not the stones inside my shoes
It's not the risk of what's to lose

It's an ancient Russian proverb
But I doubt it's ones that you've heard
It's not the cracks beneath the floor
It's not the fact that it's a chore

It's the nature of the experiment
It's the patterns of my temperament
It's the nature of the experiment
They're taking me in increments

Cheer It On

Written By: Tokyo Police Club

Do your neighbor a favour
Collect their morning paper
Clip out all the sad bits, no one wants to read that
Let them take their kids to school and the zoo in peace

When you're standing near
Tokyo Police Club
When you're standing next to me
Tokyo Police Club
When you take the tunnel
Arresting you for being in love

Caught the fever that's spreading
Do you have a warm bed we could stay the night in
It's all sick boys in this house, no one wants to feed us
Dumb kid you should have hid you'd stand a better chance there

When you're standing near
Tokyo Police Club
When you're standing next to me
Tokyo Police Club
Lost in the Pacific
Arresting you for being in love

Citizens of Tomorrow

Written By: Tokyo Police Club

See the ruins of the old world below
That's what our ancestors left us
But our robot masters will know
How to clean this mess up
And build a better world
For man and machine alike
For the boys and the girls
Who are slaves building spaceships at night
In the fluorescent light
That's two thousand and nine

On cold frosty Martian mornings
The chill on my breath is red
Redder than my mother's blood
When she turned to me and said
"This is not how we planned it
But we've gotten ahead of ourselves
Computers rule the planet
And the moon and mars as well
We lost the fight"
That's 2009

I have a microchip
Implanted in my heart
So if I try to escape
The robots will blow me apart
And my limbs will go flying
And land before the ones that I love
Who would wail and would weep
But the robots would keep them at bay
While I shut my eyes
For the very last time
Citizens of tomorrow be forewarned


A Lesson in Crime CD EP (apr 18 Canada, tba USA)
Nature of the Experiment 7" single (May tba)
yes to streaming- play at College

Set List

Cheer it On
If it Works
Cut Cut Paste
Citizens of Tomorrow
Shoulders & Arms
La Ferrassie
Nature Of the Experiment
Be Good
Your English

we play 10 songs and 11 if we're feeling generous.
usually 30 mins long