Tokyo Rose

Tokyo Rose


catchy up beat rock you can sing along to. thought provoking lyrics and catchy pop music without all the cheesiness of some of the stuff you hear on the radio.


Tokyo Rose is a pop/rock/emo band based out of New Jersey. They formed while attending college as just a local band and have gone on to release 2 full length albums and do several national tours as well as international tours with the likes of the Vans Warped Tour, Taking Back Sunday, The Rocket Summer, Sherwood, Over It and many other bands. The band has also performed at numerous music festivals such as SXSW, CMJ, Cornerstone Festival and Bamboozle. The band is currently in the studio now writing and recording for their 3rd LP which will see a summertime release.



Written By: Tokyo Rose

I slowly started chipping away at this block of stone in an attempt to fashion a way to regain your attention. Why won't you hear me out? I started out with some paper and pen and my apologies. But every time I try to write you, I just can never find the words to explain. So I'll build a monument to honor you out of the ruins of the love I knew. I'll turn your favorite memories into a sight for all to see, because I know when you see it, you'll come back to me. Picked up the phone and I started to dial your line from memory. Too proud to ever let you pickup. Close to the point where I should give up. You'll never call me back. So now I'm doing something tangible, I'm working with my hands. Because I can never seem to manage to say I'm sorry in a language you can comprehend. I'll put it right outside your window so it's impossible to ignore. Will that be good enough for you? And even if you pull your shades down, and burn the statue to the ground, it'll be enough to bring your warmth back to me.

Goodbye Almond Eyes

Written By: Tokyo Rose

Let it roll of your back and let it slip off your tongue before you lose your nerve and end up right back where you started from. Because when it�s over, then it's done. And, boy, to tell you the truth, if you put your foot in your mouth, you'd still be better off than kicking yourself. Are you just waiting for the right time? Are you holding off until you see a sign, to say something? Or are you just bluffing? I recognize the worry in your eyes, because I've been there a couple hundred times. So take it from me, speak up or you'll wish you'd done differently. It's obvious that you're conflicted. To carry on or just to nix it? Should you stay the course or just walk out that door? If I were you, I would be on my way. The rest of your life could start today. If not now, then when? If not now, when? So tell me what you'll say, when you finally come face to face, when there is no turning back, because this is your last chance. Let's hear it. I'm through trying to hold onto this, because you seem to be over it. So kiss these almond eyes goodbye, because this is the last time you'll see them cry.


new american saint lp

reinventing a lost art-lp

Set List

usually 8 songs/ no covers

songs we play are mostly off our current album, new american saint

bottle marked caution
goodbye almond eyes
a reason to come home again
philadelphia in the springtime
thehammer and the nail

saturday everyday