Tokyo Sex Destruction

Tokyo Sex Destruction

 Barcelona, Catalonia, ESP

Radically refined garage rock'n roll explosion: Tokyo Sex Destruction.


Tokyo Sex Destruction have an extreme hyper-activity career since their debut in 2002. More than 100 gigs per year, five long-play albums and two EPs are a lot of work, and also the reason of their success. A success that has trespassed spanish frontiers to make them an band with european entity, being nowadays France the best market for their music. Everything started with the aggressive electricity of their debut "Le Red Soul Communitee (10 points program)" in 2002, a discharge of garage-punk full of social awareness, that put them from night to day in the first line of spanish rock 'n roll scene. That was the moral injection needed by this potentially huge band to reach an outstanding position. With the benefit of audience and media they decided that it was the right time to take it seriously and tour and record continuously until nowadays. A vinyl single split with Zeidun through SixWasNine Records, followed by the EP "The big red box for the syndicate of emotions" in 2003 also released in Germany by Trans Solar Records. Then the splendid "Black noise is the new sound!" (BCore, 04), record that made them big in France as never happened before with a BCore band. Then in 2005 with, "5th Avenue South", the most diverse and artistically successful work to date, where garage-punk is everytime more soul-driven and psychodelia flows freely in their most interesting songs. In 2008 they released "Singles" and album including 9 new songs and, his oput of print "The big red box for the syndicate of emotions" and the split single with Zeidun, as extra stuff.
Last year (2009) they presented "The neighbourhood" where they found the time to improve their musical discourse, maybe by the experience acquired, maybe by Gregg Foreman's (The Delta 72, Cat Power) divine intervention as producer and keyboardist. 7 years after their debut, they came up with their best record yet. Unrecognizeable at some times, TSD picked up the best of their influences to build songs in an upper level, according to their impressing live career all around the world, from Canada to Slovenia, from Russia to the USA. With RM Sinclair added to the line-up (though he's been with the band for four intense live-playing years)


The Neighbourhood, 2009, BCore Disc
"Singles" - B-Core- 2006
"Black noise is the new sound" CD 2004, B-Core.
"The big red box for the syndicate of emotions" MCD, 2003. B-Core
"Le Red Soul Comunnitte (10 Points Program)" CD. 2002. B.Core
"Alcoholic Holidays". CD. 2001. AutoediciĆ³n

Set List

1. Dope and Love
2. Stories from the Neighbourhood
3. The Sounds from Your Soul
4. It Was in 1969
5. It's Gonna Be Alright
6. Let Me Down
7. Move It
8. They've Lost Control
9. Cold Sweat
10. Don't Let my Hands Fall
11. I Think You Lie