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"These Walls Have Ears" appears on the Australian compilation CD "Caught In The Act 2006"
Many other songs played in podcasts such as "Chem Set" and "Nick Tredwell"



Tokyoto was born shortly after Tim bought his MP3 player in 2000.......

Finally he was able to indulge in his lifelong ambition of playing his entire music collection at random all day long.

And for many weeks, all was good in Tim's world.

He drank lots of coffee and lounged in his sunlit courtyard with his headphones ever blaring in the long summer days

Then... slowly... things became not so sweet.

Tim noticed he was having to press the skip button with increasing regularity until but a handful of songs were left that he could still bear.

So began the two weeks of darkness culminating in a day in which Tim pressed the skip button a world-record 18,233 times.

The predicament was filtering into Tim's life in very unhealthy ways.

He began to skip class ... skip breakfast ... yes he even skipped parties, holidays and football games

This made Tim very sad.

But, it is often through the cruelest of hardships that the most valuable of insights are gained.

Slowly... peering out from his desperate madness, Tim began to notice a pattern.

It was (almost) always the same type of song which managed to avoid the skip button

Like Bob's 'Shelter From The Storm' or Tom's 'Hang Down Your Head' or Ride's 'Vapour Trail' or The Pogues' 'The Old Main Drag'

They all achieved the same thing – maximum simultaneous happiness and sadness

They were so emotionally powerful that they made you miserable.

Whilst being so beautiful that they could comfort and uplift.

They were inspiring and life-affirming and lasting and real.

Soon after... Tim met similarly emotionally unstable folks

Chris was a lost, homesick kid from Chicago, studying undergraduate history for a reason that was lost on him years ago.

Alex was a frustrated mathematician, much more intent on playing, listening, creating, absorbing as much music as humanly possible rather than realising his algebraic blessings.

James lives in Watford.

They had noticed the same trouble with their MP3 players.

And they decided to do something about it

They called it Tokyoto

And with this aim they wrote song after song after song until at long last... their songs started to avoid the skip button too.

And they were very happy with themselves

All was well in their worlds once more

And they decided to share their music with the rest of the world...

* Of course 'Search And Destroy' is the greatest rock song of all time and will never grow old. It is definitely not a sad song so I guess we're just talking shit.