Dji-Bee Five

Dji-Bee Five

 Bamako, Bamako, MLI

Our music is a mixture of malian traditional and moderne imported music ; we sing in differente language of Mali ; in english and french allso our influence is traditional , R&B ,soul ,reggae , jazz ,folk


TOLO BAND started in 1995 at Bamako,it use to perform in clubs ,bars;hotels and big stages in Mali On June 24 to Jully 18 2009 the band was touring in Sweden & in Tunisia
Our music is inspired from dogon ,manding ,songho誰 ,Fulany and other traditinal culture in Mali ; we are influenced by jazz ,R&B , reggae , soul , rock ...
We mix different style to get something original
We sing in different malian langages ,in english an french


Weltare is our first CD it contain 12 tracks
Kanimba is a video clip on youtube

Set List

Our original songs:
Molly,Kanimba, KT ,Bèta ,Sukabè ,Nah ,Tanawé ,Korè ,Andunia , Pas d'embauche , Mah diallo ,
In clubs we play allso 60's & 70's hits