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We currently don't have any material that wouldn't have to be searched for online. We're still looking to be noticed by a scout or a producer. In the meantime, we book gigs and let people enjoy what we enjoy.



We, Toltec are a blues and hard rock band. We started out about a year ago with just a guitarist/singer and a drummer, and we recently found someone to play bass. Growing up as teenaged musicians has given us a little insight as to what is trending among teens, and we decided that teenagers are boring. So we started bringing instruments into school, setting up on our own, and playing for people. We'd be in the cafeteria, or the gym, or some other open area in school, and we always attracted a lot of positive attention. People enjoyed hearing us. We were, and still are, a change of pace from computerized music and pop punk bands. We do it for real and we go all in and we don't pull a single punch. And by now, we're all of age and we've already convinced our peers that we're good.
And that's why people enjoy us. That's what's been setting us apart from the bands around us and what's brought us this far. Now we're out to convince the larger world of what we can do with music. We aren't striking four chords and singing about a 3 month relationship. We're making 35 minutes of magic. We're picking up a torch that was put out like a cigarette in the sand, and lighting it again.
We're heavily influenced by a wide range of artists, from as far back as Beethoven, but for the most part our core cluster of groups come from an era around 40-45 years ago. Hendrix, Zeppelin, Sabbath, The Doors, and more bands like that. A little Muddy Waters and B.B. King from back in the day. And a little closer to home we like Incubus and Foo Fighters. We also delve into the 70's underground bands like Cactus, Mountain, Jericho, and Stray and other bands like that. In short, we like pure talent. We like what we do, and we're proud of it, and we want people to enjoy it.

So here we are.