Detroit, Michigan, USA
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Dense lyricism backed by Northern Soul and Motown-influenced production. Simple and funky.


Mergence – in the tradition of Mos Def and Talib Kweli (Black Star)’s masterful balancing of respective rap signatures, Detroit-based MC’s Mister and Blaksmith (a.k.a. Bryan Lackner and Brent Smith), have symbiotically stitched together an EP of keen, canny rhymes that vary in shades, inflected their own personal influences, but wrapped and worn gracefully together upon the same provacative quilt.

“Every road has a bit of a wind / Each one with a specific design / Many a difference between yours and mine, and yet, we ended up following the same signs…”

Now, whenever times get tough, Mister & Blaksmith, “bust out the rhymes,” united as Passalacqua. And in the same regard as the lyrics (from their debut EP’s “Been a Minute,”) the pair shared a resurgance of pure inspiration when they reunited in late 2009 (having not seen each other since 7th grade Science class). The dynamic meshing of their respective styles (a blend of Old School hip/hop, East Coast rap, the murkier underground and boisterous pop-angled rap) is galvanized by their inventive live presentations, conceptual, theatrical, almost performance art; altogether curious and highly engaging.

Audiences often exclaim that the allure is that one doesn’t know what they’ll do next. That’s what distinguishes Passalacqua; “Let the rap be the constant,” Blaksmith said, “everything else is whatever.”

Cathartic, rejuvenating, and a portrait of two lives, two separate trails of influence, to burgeoning writers’ minds in the ever shifting hip/hop realm, merging. Their debut EP is flaired with dense, agile wordplay atop strutting night-drive grooves and subtle flares of funk, soul & Motown.

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Passalacqua EP

"Words With Friends", single

Set List

Bad Grammar
Tom and Bootsy
Been A Minute

*Set lists change every performance.