Tom and Donna Hatton

Tom and Donna Hatton


We are cowboy poets/storytellers and songwriters, telling the history of the American West, and of the cowboy, from the perspective of a family who lives that heritage. Our music and poetry is a laid back presentation of who we are, the American Cowboy in poetry and song.


Tom and Donna Hatton

We take you back to a time when you sat on the front porch with your grandpa, listening to the crickets as the The Lone Ranger played on the radio or you sang along to the songs of Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and the folk music of the cowboys.

As Cowboy Artists we carry our story into schools, to organizations, churches, weddings , funerals, Cowboy Gatherings and Festivals across the west
We share those memories as we write and perform original cowboy poetry and music, telling the stories of the American West and her people, a way of life, that to survive is having to adapt to ever increasing demands of society for space. We have taken the stories of our family history, of a ranching heritage that began in the mid 1700's in Texas and of the cowboys, miners and decendants of pioneer families who have graciously shared their stories, to fashion the music and poetry we write and perform. But if it was not for a young boy, yes, a relative from England who was shanghied aboard one of the "Tall Ships" a ship that wrecked off the coast of what is now Galvaston, Texas in the 1700's, we would not now be enjoying the privilege of sharing these stories as "Keepers of Memories " of the Hatton Clan. It was his story and many others like it that were told and retold around our dinner table at the Hatton Ranch, those hours of entertainment were the beginnings of our love of History and the desire to preserve our heritage as cattle ranchers and of our cowboy life in the 21st century.

Our poetry and music is a blend of the old cowboy folk or trail music and the original pieces we write to fit the poems we portray. Each poem is a mini drama woven around a song to create a scene with much of the poetry done as a duet. The songs are often like a conversation as we combine them into a musical canvas pulling the audience into the scene not only as watchers, but as participants. We invite the audience to close their eyes and in their minds to amagine they have come to sit around the campfire beneath the stars as we sit along side the Little Four Mile Creek on the West Side of Pikes Peak at the Hatton's Bar J H Ranch in the magnificent Colorado Rockies.

We have had a great experience this year as recipients of The Academy of Western Artists, Will Rogers Award for Cowboy Poetry CD Album of the Year 2005 and with our nominations for AWA Male and Female Cowboy Poets,Western duo and top ten nomination for western song, Texas Cowboy. Donna is a top five AWA Lady Cowboy Poet for 2003 and 2005.

We have compete and released our new CD featuring a reprise of the title song from Whispers of Voices. This CD introduces new characters from a post Civil War town Marshall to a cowboys love interest, Molly. Delightful doowop vocals of Jon Chandler and Ernie Martinez as well as their instrumental accompaniment to a California Swing style tune will guarantee a toe tapping Cowboy feel to the song Colorado Cowgirl and the playful song, I want To Yodle. There is a tribute to Cowboys of the Silver Screen in Silver Shadows, haunting harmonies in the songs, A Cowboy Prayer and Saddle Off The Wall reminding all of us of those long ago Saturday Afternoons spent watching and listening to our favorite heroes, Roy, Gene and Hoppy and the Sons of The Pioneers. And Oh yes! Molly and Saddle Off The Wall were written by ClassicHeartlands, DJ. Marvin O'Dell, host of Around The Campfire. Marvin is songwriter "EXTRAORDINAR!"
Tom and Donna are not a band, but they are a Cowboy's Legacy.


Coming Home To Reno

Written By: Donna Hatton

Theres a campfire blazing along the trail tonight
Dancing in the shadows with its warm invitin light.

We smell the coffee brewin
beans and bacon scent the air
we greet a cowboy sittin
on his blankets over there.

we talk about the bygones
with our new found friend
how good it feels down deep inside
that we're coming home agin.

days so long and weary
dry or cold and wet
there was work a plenty from
dawn till sun had set.

Wood smoke and saddle leather
tired from a long days ride
we're headed down to Reno
from across the great divide

Tonight we're out a campin
here at last we'll rest
wrapped up in our bedrolls
under stars out in the west.

We'll hear a coyote singin
as he wails his mounful cry
a wild and haunting melody
a nighttime lullabye.

and dream about the memories
of all our cowboy firends
we're headin back to Reno
Our home out west again.

We'll talk about the bygones
with our new found friend
how good it feels down deep insidethat we're comin home again

Days so long and weary
dry or cold and wet
when there was work a plenty
from dawn till sun had set.


Silver Shadows...CD
Whispers of Voices...CD
Family Connections...CD
A Cowboy's Legacy...CD
We have enjoyed radio and internet play, in the USA and internationationally. Family Connections has played on the top ten for a year in Belgium.

Set List

Three sets average time for each is 20 minutes.
A sample of one of our sets:
Whispers of
Death On The Prairie...poem
I want To
A Pot Bellie Pig...a Story
Little Red Angel...poem
Danny Boy

Traditional songs:
Streets of Laredo
Red River Valley
The Water Is Wide
Hush A Bye
Poor WayFaring Stranger