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New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band World Soul




"“The Power Of The Trinity” At Central Park Summerstage, Tuesday, July 31st, 2012 Reviewed"

The music never ends, either the background or the foreground. Tomas is an excellent bandleader and "Peace Is Not Fiction", with the three excellent female dancers performing a war dance is a meeting of form and content: ineluctable in its power and anger. Tomas plays acoustic guitar for much of the evening and the band follows his lead, as sometimes they are so deep inside the show, you are not really certain they are playing at al and other times they overtake the show and you can't take your eyes off them. - ROCK NYC Live and Recorded

"“The Power of the Trinity” Educates and Entertains at Central Park"

Preisser directs a large cast led by the excellent C. Walker Jr., as Haile Selassie. The production also features African dance and The Tomás Doncker band playing he original score from Tomás Doncker’s album, Power of the Trinity, which was inspired by the same events.

Although most people know all about the atrocities committed by Nazi Germany, many fewer people are aware of Italy’s barbaric invasion of a much weaker nation, pitting Italian chemical weapons and air power against Ethiopian spears and shields. “The Power of the Trinity” is a an emotionally charged and intellectually stimulating reminder of the relationship between African suffering and European aggression. - NEW YORK THEATRE WIRE

"Review: "The Power of the Trinity" in Central Park"

From the moment I first arrived at the venue, I knew I was in for a great night. I was greeted with music on the speakers— clearly setting the tone for the evening— and an audience which was as easily diverse as they were energetic. Families, middle-aged couples, younger folks, and elderly patrons were all packing into Rumsey Playfield for the show. It was nice to see so many different people coming together to share in this unique experience.

The energetic crowd was not shy to cheer and clap as the band took their places at the side of the stage. Tomás Doncker and his fellow musicians began playing “Selassie,” one of my personal favorite tracks on the album, to cue the dancers' and the actors' entrance. Tracy Jack's vibrant and high-energy choreography definitely shined. - CHARGED FM

"Tomas Doncker - Power Of The Trinity"

Doncker’s on-point musicality connects the Ethiopian traditions with soulful pop brilliance throughout Power of the Trinity. Overall, there is very little to fault with the exception of “Only the Faithful” that fails to spark the intended spirit of the remaining pieces. Otherwise, Power of the Trinity is an invigorating excursion of Doncker’s journey from Brooklyn to Ethiopia and continues an impressive chapter in his ever fascinating independent music artistry. Highly Recommended. -

"Teddy Afro Live at B.B. King Blues Club"

New York (TADIAS) – Teddy Afro and Abogida Band will perform live at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill in Manhattan later this month in continuation of their current world tour, which included a concert in support of the Walyas at the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations in South Africa. Organizers said Teddy will be the first Ethiopian to perform at the acclaimed NYC venue that is renowned for showcasing world-class musical talent.

Brooklyn-based musician Tomás Doncker will open the evening highlighting his traveling musical production that pays tribute to Ethiopia’s role during World War II and featuring collaborative work with guitar legend Selam Woldemariam. - TADIAS MAGAZINE

"Tomas Doncker - Singin' a small world"

The Bloom Blog

30 Jan 09 Posted in EVENTS, Music, NEWS

by thebloomeffect

Let’s just say Thomas Paul who is a singer/songwriter and avid soul supporter with a great soul blog turned me on to this prolific songwriter/guitarist Tomas Doncker many months back…Well- we’re all busy and it was on my list of artists to check out and I have to admit- I slept – well let’s say- it took me a while. I’d be seeing Tomas out and about at different venues supporting other people’s live shows/gigs and we always spoke briefly in passing and had been introduced by several different folks. Suffice it to say- Tomas Doncker is quite a staple of the NY scene.

So – I finally got to witness his talents live along with another fave of mine- DC based Nigerian roots Kuku.

They teamed up to do ‘Absence of Cool in a Small World’- combining both their art forms and distinguished talents into one and I must say- it was sublime. Spiritual, uplifting and healing… They did this at Frank’s Lounge- the reputable Nu-Soul Series which I’ve been a part of since the inception.

Now- it’s a few months later and Tomas has been honing his craft and his musical abilities- continuing to write, arrange and produce these wonderful songs that make us feel good- the energy, vibe created is a fusion of afro-pop, soul, blues and folk.

Tomas will be showcasing his wonderful style and uplifting energies/lyrics Friday, Feb 13th at Blue Note- Late Night Series.

$8.00 and 11:30PM show. - The Bloom Effect

"Tomas Doncker-"Small World pt.1-Deluxe Edition"

Concocting a flavorful blend of soul, Latin, rock, and jazz spice, Brooklyn native Tomas Doncker exhibits impressive skill and charisma on his third CD, Small World Part 1. The sublime guitar strains of the title track play truthfully into the hopeful, yet concerned lyrics. “The world inside my head is not outside my window,” the singer/guitarist begins.

His sentiment that we “need to put this fire out and stop our global village burning” is echoed with action in several tunes. Aided by the eloquent spoken word of Caitlin Meissner, “Children of Darfur,” for one, probes the ongoing human rights crimes and inequities plaguing the Sudanese region.

The mood, though, is not all heavy. Soaking in the pleasures of intimate time with his lady, Doncker coos, “Not tryin’ to see the future/Much more interested in what’s behind” on “License for Love.” Within this context, Dayna Hollins woos with celestial background tones against an euphoric backdrop of soft, Brasilian-flavored percussion and entrancing keyboards. Meanwhile, the funk is in full effect—peppered with a dash of rock and blues elements—on the robust “Please Me.”

"Lucky Day" - Tomás Doncker (Official Music Video) from Tomas Doncker on Vimeo.
Although Small World can’t be pegged stylistically by any one song, perhaps the single, “Lucky Day,” is most exemplary of the moods and genres encompassed. The words are optimistic, while the musical arrangement gracefully weaves between pensively melodic and refreshingly rhythmic. The song’s got a perfect chill-out vibe, but you can easily get your groove on to it when inspired. Throughout the CD, Doncker’s slightly raspy, yet simultaneously smooth voice engages with carefully devised phrasing that is at once inviting and seductive. It’s an ideal method of delivery for such vibrant material.
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* Small World Part 1 Small World Part 1
Release date: 2011-01-11
Running time: 2569 minutes
Publisher: True Groove Records

Read more:
- Reviews in brief-Blog

"Tomas Doncker and the Children of Darfur"

Where to get a song, but in our hearts ... And what is the relationship between the Great Composer, Producer, Singer and Guitarist Tomas Doncker and children of Darfur? Where would you look and feel, so hurt, confuse themselves with the hope that the dream has not died and goodbye to one of the creators of We Are The World is gone, but the opportunity came for each one who wants to sing too, with a new song, which is already being sung by various parties and becoming so necessary for each child or adult, who can no longer hear any melody, if you do not participate as well. Hitler, is still taught
in schools, as many or
ers, that with the same ideal, paved the way to the most vicious genocide. The world rallied and took the dictatorship, but in Darfur, even with
a small subset, still lit, the flame that burns and shines, looks more intimidating those who do not have what we believe in you ... there is still the love of God.
From this moment, I'll take you and show thee;
where it is being sung this song
and those who sing much more beautiful,
he who holds his ego with narcissistic
I wrote this with great sadness, because at every hour that passed, more people were necessary
to die, before you know it. They may never felt the slightest desire to participate in this battle between good and bad. Nor had the opportunity to imagine, that perhaps you could give your hand into a scream, or rather, his attention to Darfur and the work of Jewish World Watch, for example, Solar
Cooker Project and its Director Rachel Andres, or so simple that the most exalted and sincere voice of Tomas Doncker.
The important work we try to do is much needed, as the attention going forward, you are giving this matter, but the tears of another world, the ground water, that move us, throwing out a small tree, called " sadness, "but noble fruit, called" hope. "
Tomas Doncker, a man of many tunes,
but can we "moved by a single note" in a reference to our work by Twitter profile, presented in a cultural and social reality, worthy of publication in any communicative medium priority.
Tomas represents to the United States and the world, whether rich or poor, culture and social activism, with noble causes. The cultural empire Acquired by him, is quite extensive and necessary, so that your music created a bond mainland and also the effects so desirable, giving the impression that the simplicity of
Tomas, interrogaríamos to ourselves the following question ... He deserves more? I tell you now: Of course, yes!
Tomas Doncker, was elected one of the success, his style of a Global Soul, where he even claims the right to write, great musicians, wonderful international names and can write hit songs, from: Ivan Neville, Bootsy Collins, Bonnie Raitt and many more ... giants of the music, but also putting quotes so nostalgic, the "Yoko Ono" (Former Beattles widow of John Lennon). Remembering and respecting the Sr (a) Yoko with great admiration for the kindness in favor helping the needy, and in service
also to the people of Darfur. Tomas Doncker ... also managed to get credits with it.
The year 2009 was marked in his career and his Band, with "champagne of success" and recognition it deserves. Released two CDs and an "arsenal" of music - quality, with the awards "and entitled Poet PULITZER Komonyaka Yussef.
Another great work, worthy of applause and a better world too; is The Mercy Suite, where big names in international music participated, among them: Meshell Ndegeocello, Chocolate Genius, Morley, Karma Johnson, Brandon Ross, Marvin Swell, King Booker, Daniel Sadownick and Corey Glover.
His voice becomes immeasurable, leaving us confused with the best word to describe his talent, while we hear.
The participation of Latin music, African and ours; influence Tomas Doncker. He told me himself.
Undoubtedly, another great part where the singer is the CD name, "Small World" (Small World). Martha Redbone, Karen Bernod, Audrey Martell, Keith Fluitt, Kukui Beads, Ayib Dieng and Karma Johnson participated in the work. It is not for anyone. Clap standing for the cause. The CD was used to promote SOLAR COOKER PROJECT (PROJECT OF SOLAR COOKER) of Jewish World Watch (JEWISH WORLD SERVICE), where it has RACHEL ANDRES, as project director.
Thomas describes it to me as "Great Women".
Backed by Tomas, the project provides to the family, a better state of preparation and use of grains and other nutritious foods. The Solar Cooker Project, is a kind of container, aluminum foil, which harvests sunlight and is able to cook food in a pan. The region has a very good solar incidence. Undeniably the project is short-importance, usefulness and even, as stated by everyone who takes this technology ideal, which has been confirmed a significant increase, including the self-esteem of women who use it. Serving to even manage to have an income. Many say big ideas, there are simple things, but the door is the complexity of the refugee situation in Darfur, it will open the key. And in this case, this initiative reduces the risk for these women and girls. To be more exact. Several regions, such as Iridimi, Touloum and Oure Cassoni refugee camp, which is in Chad, have the assistance of Rachel Andres, next to JWW (abbr.). The intention of the Jewish World Watch, is that the work can be extended to other refugee camps, preventing women and girls, are victims of rape, murder and other atrocities, due to the preparation of food in unsafe regions. Most refugees are women and children. In a region devoid of vegetation, becomes difficult to get firewood. The firewood they can to make food comes from the United Nations, but only last three to four days.
Women and girls will try to get firewood to cook off the field, where they become "easy prey" for any kind of oppression. Hunting season is the "Human Beings," is open in Darfur and organizations of various countries, including the United States, Britain and others try to take better to this population, who lack the minimum conditions for survival and basic. The atrocity a genocide caused by exorbitant dimensions, raises a cry to God and all, where the chair for television, a place that keeps us safe, but far, far removed from reality and where if cochilássemos and us being in their place people, would be a nightmare, wake up to the point of crying and sobbing, "if our dream, it was their reality."
The following video, released by the "Save Darfur" is supported by people of all parties and great artists:

In April this year, Sudan will go through an election, after 21 years of the dictatorship regime of Omar al-Bashir. The president of Sudan is the first in history to have an arrest warrant, still in their exercise of presidential duties. Issued by the International Criminal Court.
Much to do about Sudan and hope that somehow, the right to an election involving all Sudanese citizens, including refugees, but also to ensure a return without reprisals for their homes. Allowing them the right to come and go, and also to live as a normal citizen and human conditions.
Several run movements around the world and in various ways that are believed to make possible a solution to the problem and the example of Thomas, is also measured in the same way with other big names of international artistic culture, supporting NGOs to bring attention to this world that needs "U.S.."
Unfortunately, I refer to this world and believe they are born poor in the midst of a fortune, but by the hands of that unfortunate fall on them or do not support them. Where we fit in?? Do not expect to arrive in Darfur and hear a beautiful melody. You will see and hear crying tears but of course, will feel that God really wants you to defend them!
"For evil to prevail; GOOD ENOUGH THAT DO NOT DO NOTHING."
(Edmund Burke).

TOMAS Doncker puts his heart and his work, then finding them a treasure of love of neighbor and honored in my belief that, the words and teachings of one who was able to leave the certainties found in some people who live or suffer if you're sad, they are personally confirmed by the evidence of what is now and that there are almost two thousand years ago was revealed to us and said ... "Where is your heart, you will be there (Jesus Christ)!
Tomas Doncker's heart, makes me realize you are in Darfur and he proves it in his song in the video here: "Children of Darfur" (Children of Darfur).
And yours? Where is your heart??

Learn more about Tomas Doncker in:

Learn more about the SOLAR COOKER PROJECT:

Tomas Doncker also sell their music through iTunes.

Upcoming events:

1. January 13th - 17th Performing at the NAMM Convention (Anaheim Convention Center / Anaheim, California)

2. April 19 - May 10. Performing live at The BAZBAR (Gustavia Harbor, St. Barth) - Tv Verao Virtual(Brazil)

"From NYC To Shanghai: Tomas Doncker's Long Road To China's World Expo"

It's not every day that an American artist is invited to perform at a major festival in China. So when global soul musician Tomas Doncker was selected by the Chinese Ministry of Cultural Affairs to represent the U.S. at the first International New Folk Music Festival and Shanghai Performing Arts Festival, no one was more surprised than Tomas.

It all began in January 2010 at the MIDEM conference held annually in Cannes, France. Tomas had released the "Small World" EP in March of 2009 which was brought to the attention of the Chinese delegation attending the conference. Eight months later, Tomas would be performing during the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai. "It was a whole Shanghai/China party for a week," Tomas recalls, "and we did 7 shows in 6 days, performing for over 100,000 people. It was pretty spectacular!" In addition to the two festivals, Tomas was also invited to perform at America Square, the USA's Pavilion at the Expo. So how did it all come together?

The invitation to perform in Shanghai was just the beginning of a long sequence of events that would actually make the tour a reality. "It's one thing to be invited; it's another thing to be able to actually go. With budgets the way they are, sponsorship is crucial to independent artists. I saw Eric Clapton perform at Madison Square Garden this year, and as big of a celebrity as he is, he actually had sponsorship from T-Mobile."

While the Shanghai Performing Arts Festival provided accommodations, meals and ground support, there were other considerations, foremost amongst them being airfare. But again, luck was on his side. "I was invited to perform at St Barth's BAZ BAR club in April 2010 while the Shanghai deal was still on the table. BAZ BAR owner Jean-Marc Lefranc and I were talking about both the opportunity and dilemma. He agreed to provide the airfare for the entire band. Then, I really became excited. That meant we were actually going."

"Once that was secured, one of my managers, Mark Cope called me and said "I don't really know anything about China except that it's an very emerging market for Western culture entertainment, but there's a guy whose name is Eric de Fontenay and he's amazing - the things that he's doing, not just in China but in general with his company MusicDish - I'd like to put you in contact with him." So, when I came back from the Caribbean, we performed at the Blue Note in New York and had two sold out shows there. I invited Eric by phone to come see my performance and he did, and his response was very positive."

After a trip to Beijing and Hong Kong for the Music Matter conference, Eric offered MusicDish*China's official media sponsorship for the tour. "So now, we had travel sponsorship, financial sponsorship and media sponsorship. It's one thing to be invited and another to know that you're going, but it's a whole other thing for people to know that you're coming. Eric was relentless - he's like a pit bull; he goes for every possible opportunity and connection when it comes to networking."

Once word began to spread about the trip, Eric suggested that they coordinate a release in China, and introduced Tomas to Robert Singerman with Berlin-based 88tc88 that is official sanctioned to distribute and promote music foreign music in China. Singerman was not just a key player because of the album release - he also introduced Tomas to Philip Jarrell, a guitar builder based out of Shanghai who connected with Tomas' music. Tomas was equally impressed with Jarrell's guitars, stating that "His instruments are the best I've ever played - absolutely phenomenal." That introduction led to him becoming an official Jarrell guitar endorser.

Jarrell, in addition to being a guitar builder is also a high fashion photographer with many connections and served as a major liaison to Tomas and his band once they were in Shanghai. "He documented the entire tour on film. There's actually enough footage for a documentary, which we will sit down and discuss after looking at it all. Right now there is one great clip of us performing Lucky Day at the Shanghai Expo in front of about 15,000 people. The people at the Shanghai Performing Arts Festival were kind of amazed at how much we had gotten done on our own. If you're going to be successful these days, you have to make your own connections, establish relationships and then build on them. We're going back to St. Barth's in December for another performance, for example."

Tomas has signed a distribution deal with Brody/Sony/Red and is launching his new label True Groove Records in early 2011 with the release of "Small World Pt.1 - Deluxe Edition." The "Small World" tour has taken Tomas and his band to D.C., New Jersey, California, Connecticut, Georgia, Colorado - cities they went to before Shanghai was every mentioned. They toured the Caribbean in April and May, performed in Shanghai/China in September, and are headed back to the Caribbean to in December. "It's been a very busy year. I made up my mind that I would release this album and tour behind its release. I had no idea how I was going to tour, but I just prayed a lot, put my best foot forward, and it turned into a world tour and is still going on. Maybe we'll be like Pink Floyd and be on tour for three years. The rest is still in motion."

Tomas' next project is a multi-media performance piece about the people of Ethiopia and their struggles at the time of World War II. That album is in the final stages and is entitled Power of the Trinity. "We're in the process of acquiring backing for the project and hope to launch it next summer."

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- Music



2009-"THE MERCY SUITE"(w/Yusef Komunyakaa,Meshell Ndegeocello,Corey Glover(Living Colour),Chocolate Genius,etc)

2010-"SMALL WORLD pt.1-Deluxe edition"(w/Bill Laswell,Gigi)
This CD has garnered extensive College and AAA radio airplay from Promo by PLANETARY GROUP.

2011-"POWER OF THE TRINITY"(w/Bill Laswell,Gigi,Dr.Israel,Yusef Komunyakaa)
To be released in September 2011(radio promo by Planetary group)



As a prime mover on New York’s downtown “No Wave” scene in the early 1980s, Tomas Doncker cut his teeth as a guitarist with such genre-busting groups as James Chance & The Contortions, Defunkt, J. Walter Negro & The Loose Jointz and many more. Eventually he went international, touring and recording in Japan with jazz pianist Masabumi Kikuchi, and producing studio and songwriting sessions with Boosty Collins, Yoko Ono, jazz saxophonist Sadao Watanabe and Grammy-winning producer Prince Charles Alexander, to name just a few.

Since then, Doncker has continued to work with an A-list of iconic musicians, including Ivan Neville (on his solo album Thanks), Bonnie Raitt, Meshell Ndegeocello, Living Colour lead singer Corey Glover, former P-Funk keyboardist Amp Fiddler…and the list keeps growing. In 2008, he produced and released Inside Out, featuring his band with percussionist Daniel Sadownick and bassist Booker King, and followed that with The Mercy Suite, featuring Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Yusef Komunyakaa.

In 2010, Doncker performed for the first time in China as a headlining act at the Shanghai Folk Festival, and in front of an audience of over 100,000 as part of the Shanghai World Expo. His latest work as a singer/songwriter and producer embraces a broader musical vision that he likes to call “global soul,” drawing influences from numerous sources, including East and West Africa and the Caribbean. Small World is the flagship release on his own label, True Groove Records (distributed by Sony/RED), and will be followed by Power of the Trinity, a meditation on the legacy of Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie, featuring legendary bassist/producer Bill Laswell, Ethiopian singer Ejigayehu “Gigi” Shibabaw, Senegalese percussionist Aiyb Dieng, saxophonist Peter Apfelbaum,Pulitzer prize winning poet Yusef Komunyakaa, and a host of New York’s finest jazz, funk and rock musicians.