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If you read his reviews or talk to his fans, it is quickly apparent that no two descriptions of Tomás Ford are the same. And while that opens the door for elaborate fanciful fluff and hyphenating half a dozen genres together in a daisy chain, the truth requires nothing more than sheer simplicity.

In the truest sense of the word, Tomás Ford is an entertainer.

In his hometown of Perth, where he is a five-times WAMi-nominated artist, Tomás Ford has become somewhat of an institution, and, strangely enough; a bridge between different worlds.

The electro crowd love him because he has an ear for a beat, the indie crowd love him because he has an eye for visual art, and the punks love him because he’s mad as fuck.

But that’s on stage. Off stage, you would have to travel far and wide to find someone who wouldn’t tell you how much of a nice guy Tomás Ford is. His reputation as a gentleman always precedes him. And, in complete contrast to his utterly fearless live show, Tomás Ford is a very shy fellow, most often found working away at night, bathed in the glow of a laptop screen as he chases the musical dragon.

Like all artists, Tomás Ford lives for his art. Sometimes that means starving for it, and sometimes it doesn’t… but the point is that it doesn’t matter either way. You keep on doing it because it’s what you do.

And the longer Tomás Ford keeps doing what he does, the bigger what he does gets.

His first shows more or less consisted of what he had at the time: a laptop full of weird evil-disco, a microphone, a couple of milk crates and a hurricane of ‘don’t know what else to do with it’ energy. It was Spartan, but the shows were electrifying and strange.

An artist unlike any other, Tomás was quickly noticed and never forgotten.

The press surrounding Tomás Ford’s ‘arrival’ was almost as amusing as the shows themselves… nobody ever quite knew what to make of Tomás other than unanimously agreeing he was both weird and brilliant.

The more the word spread, the bigger the stages got… and the bigger the stages got, the bigger Tomás made his show; from touring nationally with the Big Day Out, to his most recent accomplishment of twice selling out Perth’s beautiful and historic Astor Theatre for his biggest audio/visual extravaganza to date.

And as Tomás Ford’s road keeps forking off in new and unexpected directions, so too does the man himself - ever the mad scientist with a lightning storm of ideas.

As an artist, Tomás Ford is driven to keep searching. To keep creating. As a performer, he is driven by the adrenalin and escapism that comes when Mr Hyde takes over.

And although everybody describes Tomás Ford in a somewhat different way, the common denominator is that every single person who witnesses a Tomás Ford show leaves with a smile on their face… and that, ladies and gentlemen, is entertainment.