Tomas Reis

Tomas Reis


I'm an aspiring lyricist. I've always been into writing but have taken to lyrical writing in the past 5 years. I have over 100 completed lyrics writen, many with simple guitar melodies. I would love to colaborate with a composer/arranger.


I mainly write country lyrics but have a few songs that cross lines. I write for funn but would love to know if my stuff has commercial appeal.


Hickory Road

Written By: Tomas Reis

Hickory Road

A stranger came to town one day
Got lost driving on Hickory Road
Came upon the ole wood bridge
And saw miss Bell there washing clothes

His car just died and the wind picked up
As she walked to him we’re told
Poor old stranger soon learned better
Another victim of Hickory Road

Hickory Road…down the backwoods, the folks around here all know
Hickory Road…don’t go down the path where the devil lives we’re told
Hickory Road…they say there’s evil there and she hunts for more lost souls
No one’s ever heard again when they go…down Hickory Road

It started way back in 58
When a voodoo queen named Miss Bell
Moved to the end of Hickory Road
And lived there by herself

Then the Carlson boys came calling one night
And they thought they’d have their way
But they ain’t never again been heard from
To this very day

And every once in a while in the dark of night
By that old wooden bridge
You can make out 3 light shadows
Chasing a woman up the ridge

They chase her deep into the woods
Then you’ll hear 3 mournful cries
Then Miss Bell appears washing blood stained clothes
There by the river side

(Repeat Chorus)

No the Sheriff he don’t go down there
And the folks all stay away
They say she’s a beauty who can grab your soul
And if she does that’s where you’ll stay…down

(Outro Chorus)
Hickory Road…down the backwoods, the folks around here all know
Hickory Road…don’t go down the path where the devil lives we’re told
Hickory Road…they say there’s evil there and she hunts for more lost souls
No one’s ever heard again when they go...
No one’s ever heard again when they go…down Hickory Road

Down This Country Road

Written By: Tomas Reis

Well me and Carlene got married
And we had an American Child
And I’m back here on the road again
Playing songs on the 4th of July

Yea it’s just another day in paradise
I make my living playing through the night
Chasing a dream called Country Music
Singing for the fans tonight

Down this country road
It’s a long and twisting highway
Down this country road
Things don’t always turn out my way
But I ain’t giving up on the dream that moves my soul
It’s what I love and each day I go
Chasing my dreams, down this country road

Now music row can be fickle
Them wheels can turn real slow
But my heart starts racing when I’m on that stage
And I can feel it down the roads I go

I don’t know what tomorrow might bring me
A hit record or the bargain bin
But I love the people and the places I’ve seen
Sharing six-pack summer’s again


Now life can seem like an old dirt road,
And them potholes can make you move slow
But I thank the lord for each mile I go
Moving my soul down this country road

And it’s not that I’m complaining
I’ve got to pay my dues I know
But it’s hard sometimes trying to make ends meet
Going down this country road

(Chorus) (repeat to fade)

I'm Like Jekyll And Hyde

Written By: Tomas Reis

I’m like Jekyll and Hyde
I’m like Jekyll and Hyde
I’ve got both of them locked up inside
On one hand I’m sweet and gentle as the tide
But too much whiskey turns me into Hyde

My friends took me out drinking, after you left town
They said to blow off steam, we’ll buy you some rounds
So I had me some beers, and everything was fine
Then they bought me shots, and I lost my mind

I started dancing on tables, taking off my shirt
And I think I got slapped, for lifting somebody’s skirt
I didn’t mean no harm, I wasn’t being a cad
I guess her boyfriend thought, that my behavior was bad…but

(Repeat Chorus)

He shoved me back on the floor, and resorted to blows
I woke up in a bed, somewhere I didn’t know
She was smiling at me, it took a moment to clear
It was the girl with the skirt, now how’d I wind up here

She told me all the details, about the fight that ensued
She said her ex was the guy, I broke a chair into
She said she got turned on, by how I handled myself
I took on 5 big bouncers, all by myself

(Repeat Chorus)

She said I swept her up, and headed right out the door
Like a caveman would, with a girl he adored
She drove us back to her place, and threw me down her on the bed
But before I could conquer, guess I passed out instead

So I told about, what’s happens when
I get to drinking whiskey, time and time and again
She said wait one minute, I got just what you need
She poured me a shot, and said sir if you please

She said now I’m a lady, and I like my gents
But every once in a while, when the full moon hits
I turn into the girl, your mama warned you about
Well the moon’s still full…and I ain’t letting you out
(Chorus) repeat to fade

Broken Dreams

Written By: Tomas Reis

Broken lines, broken promises
Broken mirrors, broken dreams
When she said that she did
She thought for life it seemed

But he broke her will to trust
When he broke her heart in two
He lied as she cried
Now her dreams are broken too

Broken dreams
Bring the pain so real she feels like she could die
Broken wings
Can’t sustain the heart refusing now to fly
Broken skies
Let the rain fall down to hide her tears it seems
Broken lines, broken promises, broken dreams
Broken dreams

They started out this journey
They pledged to each their heart
Till the day he took a lover
And the day that he got caught

Her eyes were misty water colored
When she found them in their bed
She went running out the front door
Wondering where their love has been

(Repeat Chorus)

Now they sit across the courtroom dividing all in sight
And she thinks back to the time they met and how he seemed so right
Never trust another soul, not again a fool she’ll be
As the judge awards her all he has and breaks her life long dreams

She emerges from the courtroom
The tears she holds within
She knows the weasel that he is
And the love they shared back then

She may seem like she’s come out ahead
When gave her all his things
But money can’t afford the price
To repair her broken dreams

(Repeat Chorus)

Broken lines, broken promises
Broken mirrors, broken dreams

What I Never Knew

Written By: Tomas Reis

As I look out on the ocean
I’m so filled with lost emotion
Waiting patiently to set this heartache free
With all the time we spent together
I always thought that meant forever
Now I realize forever’s more than I can see

Because I never knew
That you’d be leaving me this way
And I never knew
There were no words that I could say
And I never knew
How much you meant to me back then
But now I do…yes I do…what I never knew…
What I never knew…

You could make me laugh you could make me cry
You could always teach me how to smile
In my heart I’ll have you always by my side
But in a flash of light you walked away
I wasn’t ready to say goodbye that day
When I close my eyes I can see your pretty smile

And in the heated times we disagreed until we both would cry
And in the best of times we laughed so hard that we felt like we would die
And in quiet times we knew each other’s heart with just a sigh
And in the hardest times we always knew we were by each others side

So I’m sending you all my love
From the earth below to the heavens above
I know your step away keeps you from pain
I miss your smile and I miss your kiss
Not a day goes by I don’t reminisce
When I close my eyes I can see you here again

Because I never knew
That you’d be leaving me this way
And I never knew
There were no words that I could say
And I never knew
How much you meant to me back then
But now I do…yes I do…what I never knew…
What I never knew

I Found My Faith In You (For Tim McGraw)

Written By: Tomas Reis

Just a small town boy, from down in Louisiana
Playing baseball and singing when I could, I’d
Been searching my soul for what moved me strong and true

Then I moved to Nashville and “Not A Moment Too Soon”
I found the sound that I loved and the fans that I moved
A long blink of an eye I was on top of the charts and news
I’d told my family and fans, yea I found my faith in you

Mama always told me to follow my dreams
With a little hard work you can do anything
So I bought an old guitar and started singing out them tunes…
As I look back on all the grace that I’ve been given
With my family and friends, my wife and my children
I thank God for showing, I can make my dreams come true
When it comes to my devotion yea…I found my faith in you

Then one year I was touring around
She’s my opening act, a fresh and pure sound
She’s cute as can be she makes my feet jump right out of my boots

Then one day while she was singing on the stage
I wrote in lipstick on her mirror and here’s what it said
Would you marry me, she wrote yes on that mirror too
Now our hearts are as one because, I found my Faith in you

(Repeat Chorus)

Now some say I make it look easy, balancing the way that I do
But if I start to stumble and I fumble around with the blues
I just look in your eyes with amazing grace, and the answer comes in plain view
So I thank God for all my blessings because…I found my Faith in you

Now we’re sipping sweet tea on our front porch swing
Looking back on life well you know it’s amazing
All roads led our soul to soul to be together and true
And when this ride is over, I won’t be singing the blues…

Because I’ve got God and my wife, my family, friends and my life
And the fans who have moved me too
I’m so grateful because, I found my Faith in you
Yea I am who I am and honey…I found my Faith in you
(Whistling Chorus to fade)

Walking In The Rain

Written By: Tomas Reis

Walking In The Rain

Remember that time in Virginia
Got caught in the warm summer rain
We stopped and kissed getting soaking wet, with no regrets
Made love that afternoon to the sound of the rain

Remember that time in New Mexico
Searching through the desert, found a waterfall
It stormed wild and free so suddenly, with you holding me
I love thinking back to when we had it all

When I’m walking in the rain
I remember how I loved you
When I’m walking in the rain
I can feel your kisses upon me too
When I’m walking in the rain
I feel so lonely here without you
And when I need to hide my crying eyes for you
I go walking; I go walking in the rain

Remember that time in Indiana
We stopped for a rainbow from the storm we missed
Oh the sky erupted with a summer rain,
You grabbed my hand and pulled me close, and how we kissed

And every time it starts to rain, I start thinking about you
When I’m thinking about you, I want you back again…oh baby
When I want you back again, I know that I can’t have you
So to hide my tears…woa-oh-woa…I go walking in the rain

(Repeat Chorus)

Our last kiss was so…bittersweet
With rain drops falling, love at an end
A cloud covered sky raining down again,
You touched my face then walked away
Walking in the rain
Looking up now as the rain falls down…
I start walking…woa-oh-woa… walking in the rain

Back Woods Down Home Style

Written By: Tomas Reis

Back Woods Down Home Style

Everybody’s getting right on Saturday night
Family and friends turning out tonight
Just letting loose and feeling right
It’s all in back woods down home style

Grand Daddy’s telling stories about way back when
And Granny’s beating everybody playing Gin
Like she always does time and time again
It’s all in back woods down home style

So Grab the viola and the old flat top,
Turn the keys loose on that ole upright
Cause there’s laughing and playing and barbeque
Singing and clapping to a Southern groove
It’s all in back woods down home style

Sheriff pulls up as the party gets going
But don’t be alarmed it’s just my ole Uncle Moe an
He grabs a bite to eat then he’s back out patrolling
It’s all in back woods down home style

There’s Mary and Tommy from two farms up
And Buddy Johnson’s pulled up in his brand new truck
And I’ll be kissing Jenny Martin with a little bit of luck
It’s all in back woods down home style

We can do it from dusk, till the cows come home an
Half the county’s here, and we’re just getting going
There’s lightning bugs showing up, all over the lawn an
This Georgia Summer keeps us going, till the break of dawn

(Repeat Chorus)

Now Uncle Jack’s passing Apple Pie around in a jug
Aunt Bessy and Uncle Billy are out cutting some rug
Cousin Jesse and her man are looking so much in love
It’s all in back woods down home style
It’s all in back woods…down home…style…c’mon ya’ll