ToM BianchI

ToM BianchI


Whether at The Somerville Theater or playing the streets and subways of Boston MA, Tom Bianchi is always puts on a show. One of the very few "Singer/Songwriter/Solo Bassists" in the country, Tom will mix great songs improvisation, humor and bass guitar skills like you've never seen before.


“…he cut quite the picture approaching the stage holding his beat-up bass guitar with a strap proudly displaying scores of old buttons. The crowd was immediately suspicious…”
Nick Zaino, The Boston Globe

Tom has cut his teeth on the streets and in the subways of Boston, MA. In order to make a living "busking" (playing for tips on the streets), Tom has developed light-hearted and fun free style skills that include the world around. Therefore, every show is unique within itself which is why Tom tends to release live performances to CD rather than studio recordings. He also has a host of stories about his experiences and some ballads that can bring you to tears. His many years of experience have taught him how to play just about any room. Tom has played coffee houses, bars, hatch shells, kids shows, living rooms, birthday parties, house concerts, even a canadian shriners convention.

Currently, Tom is either touring, or playing local shows in Boston and supporting his music scene by running a weekly singer/songwriter series. Also, Tom has been a part of the prestigious Faneuil Hall Street Performers Program in Boston, MA for 5 years, a position that you must audition for every year.

What People Say
Randomly catching Tom in action prompted this Boston Phoenix writer to say, "The guy is funny, and he's singing about exactly what's happening to all of us right this second". In a live review, Sound Check Magazine wrote "As the crowd danced, sang, and shouted, Tom riffs and ripples through stories and songs, ballads and funky one-man jams, personal greetings and other on-the-spot lyric changes, doing all he could to make his audience feel at home."


"The Day We Never Made It Through The First Act

Written By: Tom Bianchi

I wrote this tune specificaly to play when I'm the opening guy in a big show... big opportunities.

It's all about Murphy's law!

(Done to a fast polka beat)

part of a verse....
"Every time I put my best foot forward, I always seem to step in some crap...

I get nervous and I sweat and I reek of B.O., before you ask for autographs I though I'd let you know...."

Part of the chorus...
"I believe Murphy's got nothing on me, any second now this place will probably collapse..."

Sometimes I Don't Mind The Blues

Written By: Tom Bianchi

A ballad, I keep it sincere, but I keep it fun also

Part of the Chorus....
"...the rain is gonna come down either way

and if my heart is all washed away with all of that,

I'll get by,

Sometimes I don't mind the blues."

Fruit Fly

Written By: Tom Bianchi

Fruit Fly, little fruit fly, they say we share the same pair of jeans/genes.
I've got a complex one or two more than you,
But you've got the ones that give you the wings...


"Winchentucky Breakdown"
Released March 2005

"The Day The Curse Was Reversed"
Single. Released October 2004

"Round One"
With Paul Chiasson on Drums
Released in September 2004

With Jason Gardner on Drums
Released in May 2002

"Live at The Kendal Cafe"
Released 2001

"Park Street Blues"
Recorded live at Park St. subway station, Boston, MA
Released Sept. 2000
Re-released June 2003

Set List

Some original songs...

Smile On The Inside
Page Twenty
Out Of Line
Human Juke Box
Easier Than This
Fruit Fly
7 Seconds
Tourists Only Want Pictures of Cheers
Here Comes Another Train
Been There, Done That
Sometimes I Don't Mind The Blues
Fall Away
Short Song
Rainy Day Blues
The Bridge
Street Signs In Boston (or lack there of...)
Let It Go

ToM does Covers with a twist...

You Me and Julio--Blue Grass style
Crazy Little Thing Called Love--Funked up!
Pink Floyd Polka--Polka style (that was a no brainer)
Psyco Killer--(Psyco Style)
Get by with a little help from my friends... with many lyrical changes.... sorry Ringo...

and many many more!