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ToMBoy Hot up-and-coming rap artist ToMBoy recently had her album mastered at The Lex Factory. Now those very same tunes are tearing up the hip hop charts at The Ultimate Band List!

As of April she's been #1 for five weeks running! Congrats, ToMBoy!

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- Hesa' Keepa' - 2003 (Vinyl/CD Single)

- Phemale Conspiracy - 2003 (Debut Album)

- The Girl Next Door - 2006 (EP - Available on Itunes)



Not many entertainers are 3.9 G.P.A. college graduates, who’ve served in the Army, working as a full-time collections agent all at the same time. Who do you know, who has protected our country, studied for a final, and wrote & recorded a hit song… all before 6am? Ladies and Gentlemen, meet ToMBoy!!!

ToMBoy is not just a description of a female who acts and dresses like a boy, but she is also an urban rap artist who is out to push the barriers that most females are scared to push based on what society says a woman should be. The TMB in ToMBoy stands for Tina Michelle Blumenberg, and although boyish and flamboyant, she still seems to maintain her feminine and sensual side, while her commercial, innocent baby-face provides a hell of a shocker to audiences when they hear what’s inside those loose lips of hers & discover that she’s quite older than she looks.

ToMBoy has such a commercial appeal that her lyrical subjects, image, & personality can easily make her out to be the Black Avril Lavigne of Hip Hop. This triple-threat hot mama who raps, writes, produces (to include playing the trumpet and piano by ear) is a crossover success waiting to happen. Her baggy jeans & titty-shirts have her looking like a TLC remake, while her grown-folk racy lyrics have her sounding like an updated Helen Reddy. Her song contents are a mixture of playful subjects, booty shakers, love, and relationships. Although sometimes compared to Lil Kim, this comparison can be easily dispelled when critics find that unlike other female rappers, ToMBoy doesn’t rap about what she’s going to sexually do to a man, rather what a man will sexually do to her, empowering women to be the pimp of a sexual situation, rather than the hoe. Her delivery, with the voice texture like that of Left Eye (RIP) and Da’ Brat, captivates audiences & keep them spinning her tunes.

She first arrived on the scene and gained the hearts of Latin music lovers with her single “Hesa’ Keepa’” when it rose to no. 2 on Cache’ Record Pools Tropical Latin Charts (Top 50) in Rhode Island, surpassing major artists such as Enrique Iglesias, Fat Joe, & Jon Secada. Hot in the night clubs, ToMBoy concurrently became a favorite at 3rd Finger Record Pool in Ohio when ‘Hesa’ Keepa’ surprisingly was double slotted at no. 19 with Ludacris’ “Act A Fool” on their Top 40 Urban Charts.

Yes! This head-bobbing, funny bone tickling, baggy pants wearing, eye-brow raising, short-stop became an Urban sensation at Pennsylvania’s Top 15 Record Pool when the same single trampled it’s way into the top 30 of hit radio station, 91.3FM’s Top 50 Urban Play List, among other big names such as Missy Elliott, Lil’ Kim, Chingy, & Justin Timberlake. ToMBoy also charted at no. 2 on the Indie Chart at Keystone Spinner’s Record Pool in Pennsylvania , and the list of charts that have blessed ToMBoy’s name just goes on. Her archive of charts are numerous, but it could not go without mention that this Chicago native (now residing in Cali), who once sent audiences in a sweat-crazed frenzy at The Taste of Chicago as well as The Taste of Austin, opening for Twista and Crucial Conflict, has appeared on Illinois Record Pool’s Top 40 Urban Charts (published in ‘The Pub Report’ Magazine), and has had her single "Everyday of the Week" play on Chicago radio station B96 (96.3FM). Not only that, but she’s also had her song, “A Girl Like Me” placed in Scott Rosenfelt’s (producer of Home Alone) movie, “Lenny The Wonder Dog,” along with doing Trey the Choklit Joc’s Morning Show Intro, which is set to air on Chicago’s 92.3FM-Power 92 Hip Hop radio station (5 mornings a week) in 2006.

And, that’s not all! On top of that, she’s a cutie too. Yes indeed, PLUS… formerly a Staff Sergeant in the United States Army (having served 2 yrs of active duty during wartime)! Wow, huh! But, ToMBoy is not just another tough babe with a cute face. This impressive bundle, who is standing up for all women who strive to succeed in such a male driven society, is a complete package. Due to this, ToMBoy has been compared to many, and although flattering as it seems, she still maintains an identity all unique of her own as she keeps audiences cracking up with her catchy hooks & funny punch lines leaving those who are listening sure to rewind the disc because they can’t believe what she just said… It’s enough to make one blush. "She gets a kick out of making people laugh and smile" says Stephen Stone, formerly of Ruffhouse/Columbia. "Her sound is very commercial and she is a hustler." Yeah that “ToMBoy has a unique image,” proclaim The Insomniax (producers of Bobby Valentino, JoJo, 3LW, Boyz II Men, etc). Her baggy jeans & titty-shirts have her looking like a TLC remake, while her grown-folk racy, yet metaphorical lyrics mold her into one fierce mcee. Her delivery, which is as abrasive as Ludacris, literally captivates audiences & keeps them spinning her tunes.

It’s no wonder the 10th BILLBOARD SONG CONTEST reviewed her blunt, punchy, of