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Tom Callinswood

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I'm an English Boy...From England! Me and my band make some super cool old fashioned sounds, and it would make our day to play Lollapalooza! We're by far the most energetic, charismatic, exiting rock n' roll band your gonna hear this side of the Mississippi!


Well, this story goes back a long time, almost 19 years now.. buts its only the last 10 that count! Hey, didn't see you there.. I'm Tom Callinswood, you haven't heard of me. I loves the blues, and raw as hell rock n'roll. So, I done gone and got some cool guys from round where i live together and made some music! As well as playing in different bands and on me lonesome. Man I just love to go wild on stage, make people dance, loose themselves in the music the way i get, like a big path, and cut it! Know what i mean? To me, Rory Gallagher is a god of his art, he just got up and felt it every night, if that meant jumping, well he jumped, it wasn't put on, it was all real, and raw! Ye need that punk sneer, with no veneer, music's gotta have the rough and smooth, crunchy, thick sounds, vibrato, screams, and sweats, thats the real show!


Crazed City Blues ep- 2005
Live At the Halfway House - 2005
The Relic - 2006
Get Up Sonny acoustic ep- 2006
Out in the sticks ep - 2007

Set List

Movin' Out
Death Knell
Made It Out
Sweet Hazy Eyes
Cadence Murette
Little Sister
Love in the Rain/Messin with the kid
Her Charms
Sunshine of your love
Some other guy

Well, we normally start off with a couple of heavy rockin' numbers, 4/4 time, heavy riffs, with short solo burts and high vocals, "Hellcat" and "Movin' Out" are the usual suspects. Then we keep the tempo up, but with a longer darker song, maybe "Death Knell" and back door. "Catfish" takes our set down, and gives this groove to settle into, playing with dynamics and messin' with the audience, this songs usually spent on the floor or in the crowd, and "Made It Out" Gets us back into the radio friendly area. The barnstormers "Sweet Hazy Eyes" and "Cadence Murette" follow. "Little sister" is the sing along classic this generation needs, with a cover of The Edgar Broughton Band's "Love in the rain" or Rory Gallagher's "Messin' with the kid" and our own "Her Charms" to finish t