Tom Carr

Tom Carr

 Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, USA

A blend of folk, blues and soul with influences from Bob Dylan, The Band and (of course) The Beatles to The Heartless Bastards, Dr. Dog and others. Just a kid with his guitar singing from the heart about love, loss, drinking and smoking, and everything in between.


I live in the suburbs of Philly, in a blue-collar town filled with great people, but your definition of great people may be different from mine. Its my home and one of my main influences. Seeing people who work their asses off to provide seemingly little to many keeps me going. I love to sing about them.

I sing from the heart, I do everything with my heart. Thats why i believe people can relate and believe me when I sing to them. Anyone can write a love song, a song about death and so on, but you can't actually feel their joy and pain in their songs and performances. Thats what sets me apart, I don't have a big electronic sound board to change the tone of my guitar and voice, I don;'t even have a band behind me. But I dont need to. You can listen for yourself.


Come Have A Day- Released in 2008 and produced by grammy-winning songwriter Scot Sax. Its the first LP that was released and gave people an idea what I was about.

Swords and Shields- Released in 2010 and produced in a small studio around town. My newest and deepest work that is simplistic and to the point. You can hear it here

Set List

Go Down, Baby Darling
She Wants The Morning To Be Evening
That Bottle Is Breaking My Soul
Folsom Prison Blues
I Will Sing
In This Trench