Tom Cary

Tom Cary


African beat and gospel. Punk and spirituality



Tom Cary members began playing together at the end of 2005 in Málaga, Spain. With their first demo, they won 1st prize at “Proyecto Demo” 2006 -organized by RN3, MTV and Benicàssim Festival (FIB)-, 1st prize at the “Lagarto Rock” national contest 2006, 1st prize at the “Málaga Crea Rock” Andalusian contest 2006 and Gibson prize at the “Villa de Madrid” 2006. Two years later, they would be semifinalists at the “Villa de Bilbao” European contest.
Of course these guys were a little bit tired of so many competitions and contests, however, at the beginning of 2007, they produced their first album with Steve Albini at “Electrical Audio Studios”, in Chicago. They shaped “That´s Right! Clean your soul” during the last week of July as a live performance. Eight songs which are a good sample of their sound at its purest level, without any seasoning.
They have brought their show to festivals such as FIB 2006, MARTE 2006, the Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean 2008 –that took place in Bari, Italy-, etc. They have also made many collaborations –as Tom Cary or Naïfloop, Pablo Garrido´s own project- with MIGA, a music and video creation collective from Granada (the exhibition of experimental arts NEXO IV, the “Territorios” festival in Seville, “Iconomúsica para el Siglo XXI” in Murcia, etc.). Their second album “Grace of the Pure Hearts”, is about to be released.


"That´s Right! Clean your Soul", Anewlabel Records (2007), produced by Steve Albini; "Tom Cary/Pony Bravo", Cambaya Records (2008), produced by Jesus Bola; "Grace of the Pure Hearts", TomTom Cary Records (2008)