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No Worries - Album - 2012
1. Home
2. The Truth
3. It's a Secret
4. Step By Step
5. Glad 'n' Smitten
6. Money Can't Get Me Down
7. Pick Me Up
8. It's Too Late
9. These Things
10. Duk 'til Dawn
11. For My Valentine
12. Desert Horse

Love 'N Life - Album - 2013
1. I'm In Love
2. Without The World
3. Homeward Bound
4. I Can't Breathe
5. I Love You
6. Superstar
7. What She Does (to me)
8. Why Don't You Think About Me
9. Heartbeat
10. Fading Away
11. Heaven



Tom Cary is a young singer songwriter musician from Cornwall whose presence on the music scene is now receiving an increasing amount of recognition, interest and attention.
‘Love ‘n Life’ – Tom’s second album, now available online at
has just been released and defines a turning point in Tom’s sound.

His love of the guitar has been with him since a young child and his guitar playing roots are about as varied as you can get, from early Eric Clapton, through to the earliest Rock guitar legends such as Yngwie Malmsteen and Stevie Ray Vaughn through to the modern day guitarists such as Joe Bonamassa and Joe Satriani.

Although being this varied, his acoustic guitar style is extremely unique and has to be seen to be believed. Instrumentals such as his popular single, ‘Desert Horse’ have put a slant on modern day acoustic guitar playing that not only oozes with talent but will also have you wandering through a daydream of emotional highs and lows.

His passion for vocals began as an infant, where he would ask to stand in front of his class at primary school singing accapella. Tom loves the tones of Michael Buble and this being one of his biggest influences, he brings in this slightly-Ratpack style of singing every now and again that leaves you wanting more.

Tom’s lyrics can be related to by anyone and as they run through day to day life’s highs and lows, you find yourself impacted and drawn in by the life stories they replicate. He delivers his songs on stage with masses of charisma alongside pure passion and presence that entices you into him and the songs he plays. His songwriting is as varied as everything else about his music, although similarly has a very strong unique style that once heard will stick with you.
You’ll soon find yourself humming a tune or two of his as they are about as catchy as the common cold!

With his powerful and controlled bluesy and velvety voice,
with fingerpicking that will make your head spin,
Tom Cary is working his way up the musical ladder.......
watch this space!