Tom  Cavanagh

Tom Cavanagh


Charasmatic and gifted Tom Cavanagh writes as well as he plays, plays as well as he entertains and entertains better then anyone. Long Island legend sparks enough electricity to melt a lighting rod. -Jeffrey Arthur


"Tom Cavanagh hasn't changed his sound or image to fit the modern world, The modern world has finally caught up to him."

Tom Cavanagh is one of the most diverse recording artists in the history of music. He has worked as a songwriter for solo artists and bands and has a catalog of a few thousand songs. He has been an actor in off broadway and touring productions, a session musician who has appeared on hundreds of releases, a model for NY Hat Company, Vasun Wardrobe, Hot Topic and even has written several films. Tom Cavanagh is the modern day record company dream. The guy can handle it all and his diversity attracts ages 6 to 66. It's been years since an artist or a band could manage to appeal to such a wide market range, however Tom Cavanagh's sales and fan base proves that it can still happen. In a time where the music buying public needs something new to grab their attention every few minutes, Tom Cavanagh is the publics A.D.D. prescription. His ability to fluctuate between styles and adapt to his musical surroundings has earned him his nick name "THe Chameleon" Performing professionally since his teenage years, Tom Cavanagh has accomplished more then most musicians could dream of. He has appeared on hundreds albums, has released almost fifty of his own cds, has provided music for television and movies, has toured the world with some of the biggest bands and artists in the music business, owns and runs his own music school on Long Island New York and has had radio success with his own material and material he composed for other artists.

Tom Cavanagh is a former member of the bands Wardance (which in 1995 had a single that beat Nirvana on the charts), Rhino Caravan, The Sons of Infinity and The Hasbros. He currently is the music director and guitarist for country pop rock artist Christine Vaskas and heads his own band Bent Pussycat which has a huge rock following and several international releases.
Spring and summer 2008 Tom was the lead guitarist for rock legend Lita Ford and her comeback tour. With Lita, Tom headlined a club tour, a stadium tour as well as Rocklahoma. Also Lita's band appeared on VH1 and and a variety of music shows around the globe. Prior to Lita Tom spent the last four years (2004-2008) as the guitarist for the Tribute to Queen Production and touring company, Almost Queen, playing the part of Brian May and being the vocal harmony director for the band. Tom Cavanagh has also appeared as the second guitarist with Eddie Ojeda's (of Twisted Sister) solo band and recently sung with Dee Snider on the Baptized By Fire cd.
As a solo acoustic artist Tom Cavanagh has released over a dozen cds and has toured with as the opening act for Pat Dinizio, The Smithereens, Almost Queen, Zebra, Randy Jackson, Dave Davies, and many more.
Tom Cavanagh's sets are diverse, musically intense and entertaining. His stage presence, charm and humour lure the crowd into his realm where he drives them through a series of emotions and thought provoking concepts. His material ranges from beautifully crafted love songs to addicting pop rock anthems to dylanesque political and social comentary.
Tom Cavanaghs musicianship is the skill that separates him from the average singer song writer. His virtuoso guitar playing gives him the ability to transcend from the typical acoustic singer songwriter type to the soaring, captivating and intense musician that he is.
Tom's current project is a new album called 13 Rock &Roll songs which is all original music in the style of the 1950s rockabilly and rock and roll artists like Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins, Elvis, Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent.
His music is currently in use on the E Channel, Fox Sports, The Oxygen Network and Superstation TBS.

As a side man there is no one better. Tom's vocal range lets him deliver a wide variety of backing vocal parts and his versatility as a guitarist and bassist lets him easily switch between styles as needed. He is schooled in jazz but is a rocker at heart.
His amp and guitar collection is one of the largest in NY which lends to being able to capture the right sound for the project at hand.

Tom Cavanagh is endorsed by Mystar Cables, Four Star Wire, Hughes Guitars, Zamm Guitars, Ernie Ball Strings, Peavey Amps, Vox amps and Intune Picks to name a few.


Solo Tom Cavanagh Cds:
Cosmic Grafitti
Time is against us!
Only Child
Whats funny to some
Out from under
Beatle Picks
May God Bless the Irish
Santa Please, The Christmas Collection
The Pisces Rock Opera
Bent Pussycat
Cavanagh sings Cash
Tom Cavanagh Live

with Rhino Caravan:
debut self titled
The Flask Incident
Rhin O Go Bragh
A Rhino Christmas
with Christine Vaskas:
The Acoustic Sessions
Stepping outside myself

with Wardance:
The Wardance Ep
Here I am

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Set List

Generally Mr. Cavanagh does a 45 minute to a one hour set. When headlining his contracts are usually for 90 minutes. He did however set a record in 2006 for playing 6 hours with out a break of only originals.