Tom Cavanagh Guitarist

Tom Cavanagh Guitarist


If you need a guitarist with the skills to shred but the ability to control it and play from the heart, the image and flash of a larger then life rockstar, the voice of a tornado and the exerperience of a vetran and the look no further!


Tom Cavanagh's resume reads like a diary of schizophrenic. His career has taken him to every end of the spectrum of music, and this is what makes him so diverse and perfect for any situation. He was the guitarist and main song writer for the mid ninties band Wardance whos singles placed above Nirvana at the height of Nirvana's popularity. While in Wardance Tom won the presses praise with his scorching guitar solos, beautifully crafted melodies and ability to shred yet not be over indulgent. After the success of Wardance, Tom released a cd with his instrumental band The Sons of Infinity. This cd received critical acclaim and worshipping reviews in magazines such as Guitar World, Guitar 2001, 20th Century Guitar, Guitara Y Basso, Fao Casa, The Music Paper and so many more. Even guitarists Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, David Chastian and Mike Keneally said wonderful things about Toms cd and performance. After several short but rewarding tours with The Sons of Infinity Tom took the position of bassist for the off broadway production of The Fab Four which he stayed for the entire year run of the show.
Tom then formed the band Rhino Caravan with famed singer Ed Ryan which released several records and extensivley toured for three years. However it was time for Tom to front his own band which led to the creation of Bent Pussycat, which was a culmination of rock music Tom grew up listening to. The band has released two records to date and are in the process of recording the third now.
Tom also served as guitarist for legendary bassist Jerry Jemmott of BB Kings band. When Jerry did a clinic tour to support his new book on playing bass he hired Tom Cavanagh to play guitar for the tour. It was here where Tom had a chance to hone his skills in playing jazz, funk and blues with Jerry who was the bassist for BB King for 17 years and Jaco Pastorious's teacher.
For the last three years Tom has also been playing the part of Brian May in the Musical Production of the music of Queen, Almost Queen. The band tours the world and has appeared at theaters, festivals and on television around the globe. . Recently Tom has performed as second guitar for Twisted Sister's Eddie Fingers Ojeda's solo band.
Tom Cavanagh's session work is far to extensive to recite here but his music is currently in use on The E Channel, Superstation TBS, the Oxygen Network, Fox Sports and more. His guitar work can be heard on over two hundred CD releases and over a dozen movies. He recently sang and orchestrated the backing vocals on the Baptized by Fire cd with Twisted Sister's Dee Snider and Mark Mendoza.
Tom Cavanagh's talent, skill and extensive experience makes him the most eligible for any project that may need a guitarist.

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