Tom Charles

Tom Charles

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
BandHip HopWorld

Meet The Answer to the unsolved problem in Hip Hop. Tom is influenced by life yet does not deliver his experiences in a negative fashion. Painting beautiful pictures with intelligent and relevant writing comes natural to Tom Charles. He is a poet by heart, an author by nature, and an artist by all.


Tom Charles is an Artist from Philadelphia with a specialization in Hip-Hop. Independent thinking and creativity are part of his philosophy, as well as creating music that is enjoyable to whomever may be listening. Music is food for the soul, and without it we are ghosts. Tom fulfills this hunger through his poetic verses. At age twenty, he has been rapping for three years and writing his whole life. He is influenced by life. In his own category (TheTomCharlesGenre) he raps with an intelligent and relevant flow, derived originally from poetry, conducted into the songs that you hear today. Promoting knowledge, production and positivity, as well as making you move your feet, are just some of his capabilities. He is fortunate to have come across a diverse amount of people and situations, which have taught him a great deal in life thus far. With the variety of shows he has played in the past year Tom has developed the ability to put on a good show at a club. (See bottom, email for inquiries) He is always looking to meet any type of new contacts, so please do not hesitate to email him. You can contact Tom Charles at :