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Tom Delay

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DC to Bmore. MPC no keyboard.


A self-taught sampling wizard with early influences from the likes of DJ Premier, RZA, MF Doom, Pete Rock, Hi-Tek, and Havoc, Tom Delay picked up the MPC in 2003 and began developing what continues to be recognized as his signature sound. Emerging with some dusty samples and boom-bat drums , Tom Delay linked up with Brake Fast Records in 2006 to provide some sharp production for the label's first compilation release, "Divisions of Labour". In the same year he began rocking live shows throughout Baltimore, DC, NY, NJ, and Philly either on the mic, on the tables, or on the MPC. In 2007, he linked up with A-Class to provide production, mixing, and cuts for the artist's solo release, "Motive Response". The album displays an array of Tom Delay's skills, both on the MPC 4000 and behind the Digi02 board. Sampling everything from Soul and Motown to Classic Rock and a myriad of international tunes, Tom Delay's beats are masterfully chopped and built upon the same hip-hop formulas devised by his inspirations and predecessors.


"Motive Response" - A-Class (2007)

"The record is well produced by Tom Delay...allowing A-Class to stand out as the artist, but keeping the music well mixed through the speakers. No EQ-ing involved ladies and thugs. Each beat incorporates samples ranging from piano to big brass to jazz flutes and heavy percussion. Samples circa 1930s to present day gel completely with A-Class's solid tone."
-Kate Nudo, Connex List

"Divisions of Labour" - Various Artists (2006)

"This is a must have for any true underground Hip Hop fanatic. This album has got some chilled out jazzy joints, neck-snappin bangers, and everything in between. The lyrics range from some gritty introspective to downright abstract, on some stream of consciousness type.

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Posted By: D.White
Genre: Hip Hop
Record Label: Brake Fast Records

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Over 200 hip-hop beats in the aresenal.