Tom DeLuca

Tom DeLuca


The BIGGEST Draw... The BEST Performance... The GREATEST Crowd Reaction... THE UNSURPASSED HYPNOSIS SHOW IN THE WORLD! See WHY your peers believe TOM DELUCA's show is the NUMBER 1 College Event!


Tom DeLuca has elevated hypnosis to an art form. No barnyard animals, no “air-guitar” acting. His show is the real thing— and, with a masters in psychology, so is Tom. He is continually recognized as the top draw for college audiences, and those audiences have voted Tom as the recipient of four coveted NACA Entertainer of the Year awards.

He is the only hypnotist to be featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal.

Rolling Stone Magazine said, “ Tom DeLuca’s approach is to forego the gimmickry to

reveal the fun and wonder hidden in the attics of his volunteers’ minds. There are moments of joy and happiness on stage”.

He’s not a hypnotist. For many schools Tom DeLuca is the hypnotist.

See why crowds of up to 10,000 (U. Virginia) bring Tom in year after year.