Tom Dews

Tom Dews


Gritty original vocals from a lived-in voice surrounded by deft acoustic guitar and haunting harmonica; spine-chilling slide guitar coming from a National. It's an authentic sound that has its roots in the deep south, but reaches way beyond. It's grounded but transcendent, sparse but powerful.


Tom Dews, the Georgia-born singer/songwriter/ bluesman heard the real stuff while growing up in s. Georgia and central Florida. His favorite writers are Pierce Pettis, Tom Kimmel, Lyle Lovett and Delbert McClinton. His goal - to create music that puts some measure of spendor in the hearts of listeners.


Tom Dews has three CDs - all available from CD Baby

Epiphanies & Epitaphs
Buttons Ballads Blues
Driving Dreams

Set List

I do at least half originals. I cover some of the following: Lyle Lovett, Delbert McClinton, Tom Kimmel, JJ Walker, Keb Mo.