Tom Dobson

Tom Dobson


Tom Dobson is a 19 year old singer/songwriter that is just as charming in person as he is to your ears. Writing all original pieces, combined with his pop rock mentality, rythmic guitar, and rock choruses, in turn producing a sound all of his own, and making ample amounts of radio worthy music.


Artist Description: Tom Dobson is a rising singer/songwriter that knows just what it takes to write songs that will attract the pop/rock world in his own unique way. With his powerful lyrics and acoustic guitar mixed with his big choruses and radio friendly rhythms, Tom Dobson insists on creating songs that people will understand and appreciate. "I make sure that when people leave the show, they want to come see me again, but I also want to write music that I would listen to and enjoy as well."

Music Style: Rock/ Alternative/ Acoustic

Bio: Growing up in Connecticut, Tom Dobson was always involved with music. Playing and trying a variety of instruments such as the piano, the sax, to the electric guitar, and finally what he does best...the acoustic guitar. "A teacher actually got me hooked on the guitar and i haven't stopped playing it since." Tom was also the lead singer and guitarist in a band called Last On Speed Dial, which eventually broke up because the drummer was signed to a label with another band. After months of looking for a band, Tom decided that is was time for him to start playing solo acoustic. After months gone by and the writing underway for what would soon be his first demo/album, Tom was also in the midst of his first year of college attending Eastern Connecticut State University. With the writing underway, there couldn't have been a better opportunity. "Skipping class one day to chill with Tyler Hilton, Curtis Peoples, Mozella, and Jaco was one of the best things i have ever done." After talking mainly with Curtis and Jaco, it totally boosted his confidence and really got him hustling the industry meeting several "in's" that can determine his future! With that in mind, Tom was going into studios left and right to find the perfect producer/studio that would help him achieve the sounds that he desired. However along the way he realized that not only was it about the sound, but it was also about the timing and place. "Everyone is looking to be the next big thing or looking to find the next big thing." And with his understanding of such a concept, Tom Dobson wanted to be ready for any oppurtunity that might present itself at any time. During the start of summer 2006 and knowing that shows were winding down a bit, Tom was out to find one of the top vocal coaches in NYC to ready his voice for the years to come. Finially finding his niche with Cari Cole Voice Studios. "It is probably one of the best investments i will ever make in my life, because my whole career rides on it." His training process is very intense, doing nothing but voice all day long. "It's kind of cool actually, because of course i would have a job to maintain a source of income, but other than that i will get up in the morning and right away do a 45 minute set of nothing but scales and then i might go play a little ping pong or swim, then i would go back and practice singing a little bit more. " With Tom Dobsons voice training still in progress to this day and will be for the rest of his career, be sure to stay up on current events and news with the latest from Tom Dobson and Co. Thank you for visiting!


Taking Control of Time

Written By: Tom Dobson

Taking Control of Time

Please come here and show me how
I see the way you look
Reflections when out eyes meet
The way you take my breath away
And leave me here waiting
Come finish what you started
Because soon all will be forgotten

There’s so much more I want to say
And there’s so much more I needed
Times run out, you passed me by
So I’ll see you tomorrow stranger

Somehow you passed me by
With temptation in your eye
It’s like I’ve seen you before
Cause it’s all in your eyes
So look at me you passer by
So I can take it all in
Cause it’s like I need you

There’s so much more I want to say
And there’s so much more I needed
Times run out, you passed me by
So I’ll see you tomorrow stranger

Don’t walk away
Don’t walk away
Let me take you in

There’s so much more I want to say
And there’s so much more I needed
Times run out, you passed me by
So I’ll see you tomorrow stranger


Speed of Light- 90.1fm (willimantic, CT)

Set List

Set list: (30-60 min sets of originals)

Hello California
Walking The Distance (to calif)
Look At Him Now
Never Let It Stop
Fall Into You
Fathers Anthem
Day Dreams and Realities
Noted and Returned
Time Standing Still
Good For Now
Shine Through

Covers: (30min)

Goo Goo Dolls
Ryan Cabrera
Sister Hazel
Eagle Eye Cherry