Tom Dunphy

Tom Dunphy


Singer/Songwriter combining Irish and American folk, country and punk ethos.


i'm lucky enough to own my grandfather's guitar.
it's an old epiphone blackstone. probably from the mid 1940's. full-bodied acoustic. f-holes. brown sunburst and beautiful.

it's got mysterious oil stains on it and at some point my grandfather drilled into the body of the guitar to install an aftermarket d'armond pick-up. these imperfections would make the instrument worthless to a collector or a retailer, but to me they're character traits that make the guitar priceless.

he died before i was born. i gained insight about him and his playing through conversations with my father. he loved country music. chet atkins. he was a great guitar player dad said, but in an effort to keep food on his family's table, he set the instrument aside to focus on work. and as time has a way of doing, after a while that dusty old acoustic was forgotten.

it sat in various attics and basements for decades, breathing in moisture and spitting out dust. cracking open that old hardshell case was like opening the casket of a person who had been buried alive. the neck of the guitar was warped and wretched, as if it had struggled desperately to escape before finally resigning to its fate.

my father and i wasted little time in setting about resurrecting the guitar. getting the neck straightened again. re-wiring that old pick-up. installing a freshly cut pickguard. just getting it back into playing shape.

it was that same spirit of revival and rebirth that i've attempted to infuse in my song-writing. in the internet era, where the ability to create slick, studio quality music is in reach of just about anyone, regardless of training, experience or talent... where else was there to go but back to the campfire? where else was there to go but back home?

Set List

typical setlist contains anywhere from a half hour to an hour of original material, with a few staple covers including "ooh la la" by the faces, "walls" by tom petty and "i'm goin down" by bruce springsteen