Tom Eslick

Tom Eslick


With highly crafted songs and intricate fingerstyle arrangements, Tom's concerts are a blend of humor and insight on a broad canvas of contemporary themes. As one reviewer puts it, "he has the ability to make you feel he is just singing to you."


Tom Eslick is a singer/songwriter who has performed at clubs, colleges, and coffeehouses throughout the northeast. His longest gig was a six year stint as house musician at the famed Trapp Family Lodge, and he has played for houses as small as The Press Room in Portsmouth, New Hampshire to a jam packed Sanders Theater at Harvard University as a warm up for Fairport Convention.

Tom began his musical career riding the folk wave of the 60's, performing first in duos and trios before breaking out with his first solo self-produced album Shadows, in 1973. Following the album's successful reception, Green Mountain Records offered to record Tom, and two albums, Deer Hollow Run, and Easy Country Feelings were released to critical acclaim within a three year span. Tom produced another album, Simplicity in 1984 under his own Ragged Mountain label and followed that with his first CD, Blackwater in 1997. His most recent CD is a live recording of a sold out benefit concert.

Tom's musical background has moved in conjunction with a highly successful career as English teacher and author of four published mystery novels, the latest Mountain Peril (Viking, 2005). He graduated with a B.A. in English (cum laude) and holds an M.A. in English Literature and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing.

Tom's songs are a blend of humor and reflection, of satire and thoughtful commentary on events that affect us all. As one critic remarked, Tom is "Martin Mull embodied in a Segovian guitar master." Tom's performances, indeed, are showcased by intricate guitar work, with a string of engaging patter between beautifully crafted songs.


The Promise

Written By: Tom Eslick

The Promise

When I was six my grandpa
Set me on his knee
In a 1938 Chevy
In Washington, DC
Well, he shifted as I steered it
In an empty parking lot
He said I promise to give you this old car
When you’re old enough

For ten years I dreamed about that car
And then I got the news
That an oil leak made that engine seize
(It was) “The Dead Chevy Blues”
And it hurt grandpa to tell me
‘Cause he knew just how I’d feel
As a young James Dean wannabe
Without a set of wheels


But a promise made is a promise forever
Though it took some time for me to understand
That what is lost can never be forsaken
For a dream is always bigger than a man


And though I never got to own that car
It’s there inside my head
And in the gesture of the promise
I got the love instead

Now that Chevy’s in some graveyard
And so is grandpa too
But through the years his promise
Still lives in all I do
And I know he’s up there somewhere
Driving that old ‘38
He’s got that engine running just to meet me at the gate


Repeat last two lines of chorus.

Tom Eslick © 2001


Shadows-LP 1971
Deer Hollow Run-LP 1974
Easy Country Feelings-LP 1977
Simplicity- LP 1985
Blackwater-CD 1997
Live in Concert-CD 2006

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