The birth of To’Mezclao has become Cuba's great musical sensation. The individual charisma and talent of the members combined with the freshness of their arrangements, lyrics and rhythms captures diverse audiences and presents them as one band that has it all!


To’Mezclao (All mixed up) - that’s a
pretty apt description for this new
Cuban sensation, the Havana-based
band which pulls in musical styles
from across the island and far into
Latin America’s salsa lands. And like
all young Cuban musical cocktail
mixers, they have at their disposal
three decade’s worth of fantastic dance
music (from Los Van Van and timba
to the current explosion of hiphop
and reggaeton). A vibrant 7-piece,
it’s fronted by lead singer Yoandri
Castro – aka El Conejo, who flaunts his
energetic good looks and flashing eyes
like a young Ricky Martin, sending
tremors through the arm-waving
females fronting every concert.
To’Mezclao is great pop, sexy pop,
pop made by stars in the making. But
this being Cuba, it’s also sophisticated,
well produced and irresistible
danceable music. Just listen to the
solos scattered through the album - the
keyboards player, Yusi González (“Yoosi”,
croons El Conejo, as she slides
into a sparkling improvsation) and
Yonaiky González breathing silvery
flute riffs into the band’s brassy mix.
The catchy “La consentida” exploits
the topicality of Colombian cumbia
but otherwise the set is dominated by
Cuban rhythms which lure dancers to
the floor. Fleeting appearances by La
Crema, the soulful singer fresh from a
three-year stint with the great Candido
Fabre, mixes perfectly with El Conejo’s
timba-bounced style. To’Mezclao brings
a fresh new energy to the already
vibrant Havana scene.
This production is a melting pot of
musical genres from Cuba and Latin
America (including cumbia from
Colombia, merengue and bachata
from the Dominican Republic, and the
massively popular pan-Latino reggae
fusion called reggaeton) combined with
influences from Western popular music.
All come together in a sound which
blends seamlessly into contemporary
Cuba and beyond.


Tumi 156 - Their debut album (Hibrid) and DVD released 2009

Set List

Usually 45mins and six songs covering all the genres of Latin American music. Includes rap, house, salsa, and cumbia.