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Tom Fox


I am not a performer, I have a life long love of songwriting and decided to finally give it a shot. Could think of nothing more thrilling than hearing one of my songs performed profressionally. Tommy D. Fox 10-28-2012

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Love Smells Like Bacon To Me

Written By: Tommy D. Fox

Love Smells Like Bacon To Me
© Tommy D. Fox 2012

Verse: She could fry the legs off a chicken
Roast the ears off the corn
Cookin’ always came natural
It was almost like why she was born
She lived upstairs at the diner
We courted over cornbread and beans
All her stuff smelled like bacon
And she sizzled hot in my dreams

Chorus: Some folks say love is a feelin’
It ain’t somethin’ you see
I say it’s there - in the air
Love smells like bacon to me

Verse: Now a new girl is fixin’ my breakfast
It’s just as good as before
Cooked on an easy-bake oven
Parked on the livin’ room floor
And I can’t complain about the service
Tho’ sometimes it takes quite a while
The waitress looks just like her mama
And serves it all up with a smile

Chorus: Repeat

Verse: I guess that’s all to this story
It’s just a good country song
But it don’t say nothin’ bout drinkin’
Or heartache or good love gone wrong
It ends with me bein’ happy
Knowin’ that I’ve got it all
I guess I’ll die lovin’ bacon
And those waitresses down the hall

Chorus: Repeat and end

Drownin' In A Sea Of Beer

Written By: Tommy D. Fox

Drownin’ In A Sea Of Beer
© Tommy D. Fox 2012

Verse: I watched you cry
When I said goodbye
I left you standin’ in a pool of tears
Lord what did I do
I broke a heart that was true
You’ve moved on – I’m still stuck here
Missin’ you and drownin’ in a sea of beer

Verse: Old people say
Pain fades away
They say time heals all wounds
But here I am
Just a beer and a frown
I’ve watched days turn into weeks for years
Missin’ you and drownin’ in a sea of beer

Chorus: Some day I’ll get over you
That’s the thought that keeps me goin’
Meanwhile I’ll be sittin’ here
Poppin’ tops to keep it flowin’
The sum of my bad choices
Are loneliness and fear
And missin’ you and drownin’ in a sea of beer

Tag: The sum of my bad choices
Are loneliness and fear
And missin’ you and drownin’ in a sea of beer


Sundown Can't Come Too Soon

Written By: Tommy D. Fox

Sundown Can’t Come Too Soon
© Tommy D. Fox 2012

Verse: Everyone thinks I’m happy
I don’t have a care to my name
I do whatever I want to
Good times hide my pain
My friends don’t know I’m a doctor
I self-diagnosed me just right
I don’t medicate much in daytime
But I over-prescribe every night

Chorus: I like coffee in the morning
Ice tea afternoons
Whiskey every evening
Sundown can’t come too soon
While I’m workin’ on forgettin’ you

Verse: We were the perfect couple
We had it all goin’ on
You thought our love was special
I thought it was solid like stone
Everything starts with a vision
Together was all I could see
I planned to be yours forever
Now I’m an old memory




Written By: Tommy D. Fox

© Tommy D. Fox 2012

Verse: An old man said to me one day
Don’t wish your life away
Go get what you want out there
With big dreams and bigger prayers
Big dreams will hang around
Even when life knocks you down
Dreams can lead to bigger things
Like love that leads to diamond rings

Chorus: Fight for your dreams
Some call them schemes
Reach for the sky

Verse: Choose friends that will be true
Right or wrong will stand with you
And even when you’re far apart
They’re always in your heart
Lift them up and hold them dear
Try to keep things light and clear
But give them all your best advice
‘Bout good friends and livin’ life


Verse: Then he said life can be tough
It don’t always give enough
But in time you’ll be thankful for
Things that don't come from a store
Last of all son don’t forget
Where to turn if you lose strength
Head down – on one knee
Always worked best for me