Chicago, Illinois, USA

Hailing from the city of big shoulders, the Tom Fuller Band is a fine representation of Chicago’s musical heritage, legacy and history. The Tom Fuller Band combines the melodic pop rock sensibilities of a band like Cheap Trick, with a willingness to experiment and grow their sound.


Tom Fuller is sat in a Costa Coffee House in St Pancras station clutching a huge Starbucks mug. It is clearly troubling Felipe the waiter. Even in a building full of people on the move Tom Fuller stands out. He's a complex mixture of opposites. A true dichotomy. Shy in real life – A live wire on stage. A super successful business man – A working musician on the road in America. A maverick and a troubadour. He's all these things….. And he is also the kid that bought his first McCartney album in Chicago in April 1970 and ended up in Hollywood in 2010 playing with the guys on his new album: Ask! Felipe chooses to take a step back……. Hailing from the city of big shoulders, the Tom Fuller Band is a wonderful representation of Chicago's musical heritage. They combine the melodic pop rock sensibilities of Cheap Trick with a willingness to experiment like Wilco. Add a lyrical content focusing on matters of the heart and relationships like the great blues acts of the past - a distinct love for classic British bands such as The Beatles and The Hollies – and the Tom Fuller Band deliver a unique rock sound of heartfelt, optimistic songs of growth and self-realization. Growing up the young Tom had a couple of ideas of what he was going to be – either a businessman or a musician. His life journey took him towards creating a business first, and when he did that – he really did that - But he reached a point where he asked himself, "Is this all there is?" Tom never wanted to be a true capitalist, or to build an empire; he found the very notion boring. Like many a creative maverick before him, he had reached a crossroads. "I changed the track that I was on and suddenly started feeling a blast of heightened passion and creativity that I didn't know I possessed. I started my business career with nothing and I've started my musical journey from pretty much the same position! I've often wondered if I'm doing the right thing – I'm risking everything - but the music is its own reward and creating this album was a huge achievement." The album 'Ask' was partly recorded in El Dorado Studios in Los Angeles, with help from Paul McCartney's famed guitarist and drummer - no…. not George and Ringo - but Abe Laboriel, Jr. and Brian Ray, the new material showcases Tom's incredible songs as well as the band's stunning musicianship. The album was mixed by Cenzo Townsend (Mix Engineer of the year 2010 - Snow Patrol/U2/Kaiser Chiefs, etc…) at Metropolis Studios in London and mastered at Abbey Road. Tom's enthusiasm and energy are boundless. Every kid at some point dreams of being a rock star - It looks like Tom Fuller may yet realise that dream. "I'm like a kid in a candy store; I know that I'm on a mission!" He laughs and, confidently saying each word out loud, he extravagantly scribbles 'Tom Fuller – I'm on a mission' onto a scrap of paper that lies in front of him. And with that we're done. We head back out into the bustle of London life. Glancing over my shoulder as we leave, I see Felipe approach our table and carefully pocket the scrap of paper. It looks like someone believes! It looks like Tom has his first convert!


Ask - 2011