Tom Geck

Tom Geck


The Fivehundreds are a straight up rock band with an emphasis on great songwriting. Lyrics, melody, hooks... it's all there.


The Fivehundreds play rock & roll that's about as straight forward as you can get: Forged in the tradition of The Kinks and The Plimsouls, with the warmpth and grit of The Band, and the bravado of The Who. Listen to The 500's and you'll wonder if you've heard them before. Then you'll wonder why you haven't heard them before. Then you'll want to hear them again.


Solid Contact

Written By: Tom Geck

this good feeling never stays too long
just a matter of time before it's gone
but it flys and it takes you
far enough down the track
just enough to keep you coming back

never had no day out in the sun
never show your dreams to anyone
but sometimes in a daydream
you make solid contact
just enough to keep you coming back

all your diamonds turning into coal
you can watch the sunset in your soul
just a spark in the distance
as you're fading to black
it's just enough to keep you coming back

Poor Little Thing

Written By: Tom Geck

whatever you do now, don't let 'em see you laugh
you know they might stop asking for your autograph
i don't know how you came to be in so much pain
here's a red balloon and a candy cane
you poor little thing

you been pouting and posing like you don't know how
well just stop it please, we all see you now
and i know where you've been and it ain't so bad
every time you fell there was plenty of pad
you poor little thing

don't shoot the messenger now
i'm just having fun
and don't you know that i hate to watch
your makeup run

pick your roses up and pass 'em all around
you know the camera loves you when you look so down
and all the fathers of fashion gonna call your name
another tortured soul in the hall of fame
you poor little thing


Self-titled 6-song EP. Released June 2005. Streaming and downloads:

Set List

A recent set list. All originals except for 3 covers (noted)

Mile Away
Shake The Feeling
Solid Contact
Never Going Back (Beat Farmers cover)
Buck Up, Sugar
The Moment
Poor Little Thing
Chinese Rock (Ramones cover)
Kinda Man
Star Sign
Turn To Me
Tight Rope High
Hippy Hippy Shake (? cover)