Tom Harrison

Tom Harrison


Traditional/Classic folk music. My repetoire is drawn from a wide variety of sources, Guthrie, Dylan, Lightfoot, Seeger, and many more. I also do some original material.


I've been playing this music all my life. My earliest influences were Bob Dylan, Peter, Paul, & Mary, The Kingston Trio. I've been in love with this type of music since the first time I heard it. Along the way I've developed my own style based on folk, blues, & bluegrass.


Closing Time

Written By: Tom Harrison

Verse 1
Jimmy leaves the factory in his beat up old car
By six o’clock sharp, he’s sittin’ in a bar
He plays a little pool, with a few good friends
And waits for the evening to end

Midnight comes around; he runs his hand through his hair
Searches though his pockets, for the keys he left there
Wonders why others all leave in pairs
While he goes home alone; somehow, it don’t seem fair

Chorus 1
It’s closing time again, everyone has to go
Finish your dance, while they turn up the lights,
Turn the music way down low

Verse 2
Lucy works the counter at the fast food store
Waits on people who keep askin for more
Fills all the orders that float through the wall
And waits for the last one to call

Then midnight comes around, she runs a comb through her hair
Searches though her pockets, for the keys she left there
Wonders why others all leave in pairs
While she goes home alone, somehow it don’t seem fair

Chorus 1

Chorus 2
Some nights they go to the all night diner, sit in booths back to back
Starin for hours at the ghosts in the window, drinkin’ their coffee black
Watchin’ the cars roll by on the blacktop, taillights fade in the rain
The hours float by like leaves in a stream; another day ends just the same

Repeat Chorus 1


Leaves Of Gold

Set List

My repetoire includes traditional folk, blues, bluegrass, some acoustic instrumental. I enjoy bringing the audience into the music, so I try to incorporate audience participation.

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