Tom Harter

Tom Harter


Versatile folk/blues/rock guitarist in the style of the classic singer/songwriters. A multi-instrumental recording artist with a cool, emotive original style.


It is really all about the music for Tom Harter. 31 years of learning guitar have taken Tom on an interesting journey thru original new wave, moody prog rock, instrumental fusion, cover tunes, blues, and for the last few years a rocking power trio. But throughout that journey Tom has been a recording singer/songwriter working toward the magic combination of mood, style, rhythm, melody, and harmony. He has even released 2 CD's to modest local acclaim.

Now Tom begins the next stage of his musical journey performing solo with acoustic and electric guitar, voice, and occasionally a looping pedal for rhythmic backing. Interestingly Tom has found that the band format meant to bring people closer to the music (a seemingly easier to "digest" product) has really kept him from connecting with the audience. What audiences are now responding to is the honesty, integrity, and pure emotions of both Tom's original songs and his personalized interpretations of Bob Dylan, Damien Rice, and Van Morrison tunes.

Tom's studio level of attention to detail in tone and performance is very apparent. Control of the stage environment and his technique allows for the moments of true creativity where there is risk and invention in the music. Always striving for the passionate and spiritual moments in a performance... Tom will sometimes let a song build until it is ready... like dough rising in the oven. Other times... the song springs forth with lively abandon. But the audience is always the guiding factor on the performance.

Tom's influences include Rush, Pink Floyd, Clapton, Trower, Dylan, Hendrix, and Stevie Ray Vaughan as well as great female songwriters such as Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan, Heather Nova, and Joni Mitchell.

Tom is a musical bard... an emotive storyteller... a self-producing recording musician who brings an audiophile's ear to the stage... and an empathic spirit to the musical landscape.

Some musicians get richer with the passing of time. Tom is one of them having lately found his true voice. His new songs carry a new vibrant energy. The blues permeates Tom's character and they simmer underneath the surface. But it's not the blues of despair... it's the blues of rejuvenation. Even slower tempo tracks have become vibrant in spirit and energy. A spirit... that Tom wants to share with the world thru his live performances but especially thru recordings.


Slow-Motion Replay

Written By: Tom Harter

In the downtown coffee shop
The young intelligencia wannabes
Discuss how to recognize
The end of history
They say it's hard to see
The meteor as it falls
But it didn't seem that hard
That hard to me

Cuz I saw you fall
In slow-motion replay
And I saw you fall
Down all the way
Yes I saw you fall
In slow-motion replay

The smoke around me
Flavors my second drink
While patrons half my age swill coffee
To help them think
So I think of you
Thru this haze of memory
And I wish that you were here
Sitting right next to me


Nothing is something
I know this much is true
They buried you deep and now...
There's nothing left of you
But I want to believe
In that magic of your soul
That will walk here beside me
Till my own bell tolls


Purple Platypus Parade

Written By: Tom Harter

Welcome to the magical place
Come to my arms... and let us embrace

Here's a little song
To put a spark in your wheels
I wish you would tell me
Just how it feels
And I hope that you're always happy
And never afraid
And I hope you dream
Of the Purple Platypus Parade

The world is love
And love is free
So I'll let it all go
And shine on as me
You took the short way home
Can you see what you've made?
'Cuz you left me here
At the Purple Platypus Parade


As a solo artist Tom has released two CDs:
"After the Dreams" and "for those who fall."
Tom's rocking song "Rise" from "for those who fall" was featured on the Local Edge Spotlight (WZOR local radio).

Tom is currently recording his new album "Spin" with an expected release date in 2009.

Set List

Tom's setlist varies nightly to keep things interesting. Original songs are featured along with classic songs from Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Radiohead, Coldplay, Allman Brothers, and Jimi Hendrix.

Tom is comfortable playing anywhere from 2 to 5 hours with breaks. Tom considers the entire performance as one "set."