tom harvey

tom harvey


Acoustic tunes that set your mind macarena in motion


Acuostic guitar driven wreckless raiku-sonic. Blending the imperfect with the hear and now. Beck without overengineering, Subdudes with just a dude, Bella without Fleck, tunes to toe tap, ruminate and take to heart with a hammer


Sid Allen - The Devli's Den Rock Opera tape and EC CD only
Tune Up - 6 Song EP recorded with Grammy award winninng members of Asleep at the Wheel
RuffTracks - First Self produced CD
Open Spaces - Acoustic/electric alternative "Green" music

Set List

# sets usually, 45- 50 min per set sometimes do covers usually all original work with dialogue
Meadows of Dan
I Still Remember
One Lung Wonder
Time to Run
Walk with Lincoln
Stop Sign
All My Friends
Men in Green Hats
Rolling the Bones
Digital Baby
Leave it alone
Cold Sweat
Checking it Out
Eye on You
Make the News
White Boyz Rhythm
Love in Two
Speaking Out
New England Blues
My Brother
Here we go Again
Our Troubled World
End of Time
Anja at the Well
Jackie by the White Fence