Tom Helsen

Tom Helsen


One of Belgian finest pop artists with a great singersong writer background. And international potential


His career started with the final of Humo's Rock Rally late 90s together with other succesful artists as An Pierlé and Novastar.
4 albums later, european support tours with Hooverphonic and Dido, his big breakthrough came with the single 'Sun In Her Eyes' and 'Change Yourself'. Resulting in the audience's award of best 2008 Pop Artist.
He is currently working on his 5th studio album, due Fall 2008


Sun In Her Eyes

Written By: Tom Helsen

Let it go STOP
I don’t know STOP
Is it right to
let you be the other girl and

It’s in your mind STOP
We’re doing fine STOP
And I won’t stop
I never take it all for granted

The sun in her eyes will do
PDT ey you
The sun in her eyes will
PDT ey you and
The sun in her eyes will do
PDT ey you and
The sun in her eyes will

Let it go STOP
I should’ve known STOP
Gotta warn you
It will not change the morning after

It ain’t no crime STOP
So take your time STOP
Like I told you
Never take it all for granted.


- Tom Helsen °1998
- Tom Is Doing Great °2000
- More Than Gold °2004
- Hilite Hotel °2007
- 1998-2008 °2008

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