TC Higgins

TC Higgins


A songwriter's songwriter who knows how to entertain. TC creates atmosphere with each song... reaching through genre's.... folk, blues, jazz, country and Americana putting good hooks in memorable songs. Oh.... he can sing too!


As a performer in the 70's, TC toured Canada playing clubs and colleges doing national radio... CBC and television.
In recent years he's stepped away from his business...(a chocolatier...Truffle Hill Chocolates) to perform and write. His interest is touring internationally... meeting more people and writing more songs....


Isn't it Strange

Written By: TC Higgins

She had that smile, it was like a hook
Her every move was by the book
I walked across the room....
To see her in the light
I s'pose we danced, for an hour or two
She said, "Let's leave when the song is through."
We walked to the car
And drove into the night

Old gravel road, a place to park
I still hear her voice in the dark,
"No man ever gives me as much as he takes."
The magic touch was in our lips,
There was hunger in our finger tips
I said, "Rosie, if I give you my heart,
will you let it break?"
She said, "I Couldn't break it, it's already broke.
You can see it if you hold it to the light
It takes a little love to make a little ache
It takes a little time to make a little break,
And just a little more until you know"

Chorus; You turn around and it's morning, you turn again and it's night.
Isn't it strange, isn't it strange?
How this whole thing feels so right?

She whispered soft, "One more kiss"
I said, "What comes after this?"
she didn't say a word, just wiped
away a tear from her eye
Oh, maybe you've been there before
I just watched as she closed the door
The night got so heavy, I couldn't move if I tried.

Whatever's left, you take it home,
It's just another night alone
Looking for the key I found something like a tear in my eye.
I turned the latch, the lock was new
Still the thought kept coming through....
You're never gonna know love, Tommy... if you never try.

Chorus: I turned around, and it was morning... I turned again and it was night....
Isn't it strange, isn't it strange?
How this whole thing feels so right...

If all the world's a stage, where's the show tonight?
Is that you blinking in the light?
You say, "The script's got a cover, but there's nothing in between!"
Let's roll those dice, and make it good.
We'll play our parts til' it's understood...
We're the ones looking for love in every scene.

Chorus: We turn around and it's morning... We turn again, and it's night.
Isn't it strange, isn't it strange?
How this whole thing feels so right...


There is one CD available; Yes, You Can. It's available from CD Baby or at my
Several tracks have been given repeated plays on MN public radio... Peaches, Cornbread Kisses, Keep That Good Light On and Don't Wake Me Mama

Set List

TC's sets are generally 80 to 90% original material. The tempo varies with the venue... cover tunes are primarily from the 70's and 80's.