Tom Hipps

Tom Hipps


Tom Hipps is a seasoned singer/songwriter with a faith-fueled folk rock style. He has gathered his life experiences (e.g. relationship issues, years of touring, and undergoing a kidney transplant among others) and poured them into songs reflecting the power of faith, hope and healing.


Tom's music is tuneful folk rock, culled from his tumultuous life experiences. He is a seasoned professional; upon graduating from high school, he worked in a factory for about a year, then realized he was meant to be out in the world playing his music. He (happily!) quit his job and hit the road, touring almost constantly for the next 9 years.

Life took many unexpected twists, most notably his developing chronic kidney disease, which resulted in a transplant in 1994. That experience turned him in another direction... he learned that life is not meant to be lived without a close relationship to our Creator. His faith (and expressing it through his music) became central to his existence. Tom has wonderful stories to tell... and with a dash of humor, weaves these stories into his performance, verbally and musically.

Musical influences are varied; Tom grew up in a household that was filled with the music of acts as varied as Johnny Cash, Elvis, The Beatles, The Stones, Elton John, The Carpenters, Tom Petty and U2. Tom's vocal influences are primarily early Elvis, Elton John Freddie Mercury, Bono and Paul McCartney.

Tom can play solo gigs with an acoustic guitar and piano, or as a duo, or full band... whatever lineup best suits the venue and type of event. The musicians that join him for select gigs are top-notch professionals with many years of experience in recording, touring and performing.

Tom's music has received airplay on dozens of radio stations in the US and around the world and has been featured in independent films, TV broadcasts... and advertising jingles! He has written original music for the renowned Second City Theater in Chicago and is the receipient of a Billboard Musical Achievement Award.

He has performed twice at the Sonshine Festival, a huge 3-day annual summer event which takes place in Wilmar, MN; He is an annual performer in the Crossroads Chapel at the MN State Fair; Has performed several times at Minneapolis' state-of-the-art Christian nightspot, Club 3 Degrees and also several of Minneapolis' hottest live music venues, including The Fine Line Music Cafe, The Platinum Room, O'Gara's Garage, the 7th Street Entry, and Red Wing's Treasure Island Casino. He has performed in 13 states and several places in Canada.


Tears in a Bottle

Written By: Tom Hipps

you’re keeping track of all my sorrow
you’re writing it down in your book of life
you’re collecting my tears in a bottle
and when we meet we’ll pour them out
pour them into the river
watch them flow and fade away
fill my soul with laughter
and we’ll feast upon the endless day

nobody really knows the crosses that I bear
put on my happy face pretend that they’re not there
but you will hold my heart
and keep the promises you’ve made
make sure the burden isn’t more than I can take


you are the reason I don’t want to have my way
you put my feet back on the pathway when I stray
hold me still and tell me that
my debts have all been paid
keep me from lying in the bed that I have made

Take You Down

Written By: Tom Hipps

She's gonna take you down
She wants to make you her lover tonight
She'll sing a blue-eyed song so softly

And you're thinking everything is alright
Wondering why you put up a fight
But all she wants to do is

Take you down
Take you down
It's really hurting no one

She knows her way around
Plant a thought push a button right here
And you become ready willing and able

And you're thinking everything is alright
Wondering why you put up a fight
But all she wants to do is

Take you down (I'm feeling older)
Take you down (but I'm getting better
Take you down (at knowing who I am)

You're living a life of no regret
Just doing the act without a net
Someday when the deal goes down
You'll wish that you had seen

Just what was happening
While the wild ones were stealing your soul
And yet you still believed that you still had it under control

And everything's not alright
Wondering how you got in this fight
When all she wants to do is

Take you down (I am forgiven)
Take you down (if I'm not mistaken)
Take you down (you will not let me go)

Take you down (I'm feeling older)
Take you down (but I'm getting better)
Take you down (you will not bury me)


Written By: Tom Hipps

our evelyn has left us for awhile
in a warm and shiny place she wears a smile
and that’s ok
we’ll hold each other’s hands again someday

your silver hair is captured in my mind
sparkling in the sunlight through the blinds
i see you now
you loved and laughed and lived
and taught us how

you’re just a breath away
we wanted you to stay but you are
happy where you are
happy where you are
oh evelyn

the autumn years would prove to be unkind
and though they took the memories from your mind
they never died
I knew it when I looked into your eyes

No Responsibility

Written By: Hipps/Overing

is there still a little innocence
in this world or should we build a fence
separating all the good from bad
it’s one dream that all of us have had
send me one ounce of energy
shine through me like electricity
be with me in synchronicity
shock my jaded sensibilities

i don’t know
why there’s no responsibility

would you help a person in despair
or ignore her like she wasn’t there
smiling faces veil the truth inside
each one wonders what the other hides
let’s get back and give peace a chance
stabilize the planet in advance
break down walls that stand between us now
wipe away the fear and make a vow

you know it’s not too late
to save the human race
but putting off today what’s known
will surely kill tomorrow

Below the Surface

Written By: Tom Hipps

Is your vertical love in line
Or is your mindset horizontal
Do you have to tilt your head to understand?
Set your charm on radiate and
Pile your goodies on my plate
But I don't want to look below the surface
I can't bear to look below the surface

Sending signals out to space
It's a shame no one receives them
While those shallow minded thoughts surround your head
Take a stab at what is real
And maybe then you'll start to feel
A kind of pulmonary twitch inside you
An illusion standing right beside you

Get the truth and never sell it
Love the truth and always tell it
It's gaining on you now

When you're ready to arrive
I'll be glad to come and get you
Just be sure that you're not wasting all my time
If what's missing is the point
Then you're just stinking up the joint
And I don't want to look below the surface
I'm not killing time below the surface
I can't bear to look below the surface

Below the surface


Tom is a featured lead vocalist on the Compass Records release (sold exclusively at Target stores) "Praise & Worship Christmas" which to date has sold 32,000 copies. He has released two of his own albums, "Everybody & Their Brother" (2002) and "Then Went the Demons" (2006).

Set List

Tom Hipps solo (sample partial setlist): Take You Down (original), Let it Be (Beatles), Afraid to Let Go (original), Peace in the Valley (traditional), Daniel (Elton John), People Get Ready (Al Greene), Clean (original), Bridge Over Troubled Water (Paul Simon), Blue Haze (original), Swingin' Party (Paul Westerberg), Tears in a Bottle (original), What a Friend We Have in Jesus/Lion Sleeps Tonight medley (traditional), Folsom Prison Blues (johnny Cash

Costello & Hipps Duo*: (sample partial setlist): Stand By Me (Ben E. King), It Don't Mean a Thing if it Ain't Got That Swing (Mel Torme), Route 66 (Nat King Cole), Ain't Misbehavin (Hank Williams Jr.), Georgia (Ray Charles), That's Alright Mama/Blue Moon of Kentucky (Elvis), And I Love Her (Beatles), Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash), One (U2), You Send Me (Sam Cooke), Ain't Even Done With the Night (John Mellencamp), Let's Call the Whole Thing Off (Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong), Beyond the Sea (Bobby Darin) *Duo can also add