Tom Ingram

Tom Ingram


The Tom Ingram Band is guaranteed to provide the highest caliber of entertainment for any occasion. Whether it is a nightclub or a private function, this band will deliver a solid and riveting performance.


2005 was a great year for Tom Ingram. In August, Tom was voted the area's top singer/songwriter in the Western Massachusetts area. As a result of winning the readers poll, Tom and his band performed at Stearn Square in Springfield Massachusetts to a crowd of 5,000. It was the highlight of the year.

Tom's career as a songwriter spans over 15 years. From 1991 - 1997, he sang for the U2 tribute band "Zoo Station". It was also during this period that Tom wrote material for what would become The Deep End and Speed of Life which were both released earlier this decade.

The music from these two cd's has been compared to such artists as Steely Dan and Todd Rundgren who were a huge influence on Tom. His current influences range from The Shins and Ben Folds to Radiohead and Pete Yorn.

Tom and his band are working on a third CD which is scheduled for release in April of 2006.

Samples of older, new, live and studio material can be heard on Tom's website:



Written By: Tom Ingram

Only the finest things for you
only the brightest stars will do
and once again, you said I failed my mission
here's my explaination
but you won't even listen

Chorus: you're never satisfied
it makes me sad inside
and now I'm cynical, and critical and over analytical
my own worst enemy
is my mediocrity

Only the finest things for you
only the brightest stars will do
feeling like I'm wasting time
you don't understand my best intentions
I promised you a rainbow, but then came to my senses



Written By: Tom Ingram

We are a fading sunrise
we are a great divide
seasons a time for all things
there's a reason to believe in

moving forward to move backward
to the place that we start out from
and we're searching for what we're after
until it feels right when the day is done
it won't be.....

chorus : Heaven help us now, it won't be long
we're one step closer to lost, without a trace,
without a hope, we're one step closer to lost

We long for so much better
we've got, a place to find
it feels like we're going nowhere
we're just leaving the days behind

moving forward to move backward
to the place that we start out from
and we're searching for what we're after
will there be light, when the day is done
we won't see....


Anywhere But Here

Written By: Tom Ingram

California is where I want to be
that's where they say it never rains
it's been too long since I've seen one
I'm looking for a sunny day

Anywhere but here is where I want to be
Anything but this is what I want to see
I'm feeling disconnected, I need a new direction
right now, I'm going to leave this place tomorrow

Want to be in the city of angels
and walk that sacred ground
take a plane tomorrow
and never turn around, turn around



there's no hope at all
to get very far, very far



2 cd's of 25 original songs:

2002 - The Deep End

2003 - Speed of Life

available at

Samples of songs can be heard at

Set List

Covers range from, Sublime, Radiohead, The Beatles, U2 and much more....We usually play 3
45-50 minute sets.

~The Deep End~ (released 2002)

Kissing the Day Goodbye
Peace and Love
Another Direction
Always Running
The Deep End
So Far To Go
Until the End of Time
Funky Fascination
Fading Away
Dreams in Motion
10 Pages

~Speed of Life~ (released in 2003)

All the Rage
Gone Away (come again tomorrow)
The Devil Has Found You
The Grass is Never Green
A Perfect Time
The Rain Will Fall
You Are
The Price of Freedom
No Time
It's You
Say it Loud

Sugar High (will be released June 2008)

Anywhere but Here
Think it Over
When Love is Done
Stan the Man
Bitter World
I've Been Here Before