Tomislav Goluban & Little Pigeon's ForHill Blues
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Tomislav Goluban & Little Pigeon's ForHill Blues


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“Little Pigeon” derives from Tomislav’s surname whilst ‘ForHill’ is an approximate translation of Zagorje, the Croatian area where the band comes from – and no, the music isn’t any more predictable either! This is an acoustic based set, centred around the leader’s excellent and sometimes very individual, mostly Sonny Terry but sometimes Walter Horton or Jimmy Reed inspired, harmonica playing and vocals mostly in Croat (listen to the rocking ‘0,5’). The other band members are Krunoslav Dobričević on guitars, Nikola Herceg on electric bass, and Nikola Santro trombone, electric piano and some odd sounding percussion!
This set is blues-based, and comes recommended by the late Philadelphia Jerry Ricks, who described it to the band as “the expression of your roots blended with ours”. There is a noticeable Croatian musical influence on some tracks, though the very mellow title instrumental betrays a little Fleetwood Mac ‘Albatross’ type of approach – and try the cover of ‘See You Later Alligator’ for something completely off-the-wall. ‘Polka Blues’ sounds like the kind of thing the Memphis Jug Band might have come up with had they been shipwrecked in eastern Europe in the seventies!
This is definitely a CD that has grown on me with each play – and in which I discover something new each time. Handsome packaging too. Need I state that this is not one for the purists but anyone with a sense of humour and an interest in an original approach to European blues should certainly investigate. -

"Blues Revue Dec/Jan 2008"

Mr. B. is an disc from Croatian country blues group Little Pigeon's ForHill Blues. Tomislav Goluban is an accomplished unamplified harp player with a broad tonal palette capable of expressive melodic work («Mr. B.») and propulsive rhythms («T-Train Kick»). Krunoslav Dobricevic's acoustic guitar shifts between driving the band and adoring the music with bright, well-conceived leads. The rhythm section keeps things simple; drummer Nikola Santro does triple duty, turning in trombone and a vibes-like electric piano. The generally upbeat songs sport occasional pop flourishes («Sv.Rok», «Golden Fish»), and, while hearing blues sung in Goluban's native tongue is initially disorienting, his unaffected, emotional style quickly overcomes any objections. - Blues Revue

"Polish Blues & Gosple Radio Host"

“Harmonica is a popular instrument in the blues. The problem is that most guys playing it are trying to re-create Little Walter’s Chicago sound or William Clarke’s West Coast feel forgetting about more traditional styles of harmonica playing. And this is the part where Tomislav Goluban comes in. Croatia’s no. 1 harp player sounds like he has spent hours listening to Sonny Terry’s records but, what’s even more important, building his own musical identity on a base provided by his master. Tomislav’s harmonica has a fat and full-bodied sound mixing so well with acoustic background provided by ForHill Blues. Their music blends together country blues and traditional Croatian sounds resulting in a CD that is fun and entertaining. If you love the blues but you’re fed up with the same old thing played the same old way get "Mr. B." now – country blues has never sounded so fresh! - Przemek Draheim

""Philadelphia" Jerry Ricks"

Listening to the Little Pigeon's ForHill Blues (Mr. B.) recording was a breath of clean air in a world of Blues that's lost a lot of originality. To hear the expression of my culture's music with the vitality of expression and Croatian feel is one of the reasons I think this CD understands and respects the concept of what we think Blues should be, not to be a carbon of a recording but the expression of your roots - blended with ours. The harmonica playing is truly original, Sonny Terry, Hamie Nixon, Tomislav Goluban - understanding and sympathy and respect. "Hats Off" to you guys!! - "Philadelphia" Jerry Ricks (R.I.P. 1940.-2007.)

"Joe Filisko"

Little Pigeon’s plays and sings with strong passion and the occasional flash of humor. He is, without a doubt, my favorite Croatian blues player. - Joe Filisko

"Harp Online"

We encountered him for the first time in 2003, at the Harmonica Masters Workshop; a musician with the most gripping scenic performance we have ever seen. In retrospect, he didn't need to play even a note, everyone was already on their knees. His performance was unbelievably amazing! -


"Mr. B." (2007)
"Pigeon's Flight" (2008)



TOMISLAV GOLUBAN - "Little Pigeon"
"Little Pigeon", derives from Tomislav’s surname, is a Croatian harp player who sounds like he has spent hours listening to Sonny Terry’s records but, what’s even more important, building his own musical identity on a base provided by his master. His music blends together country blues and traditional Croatian sounds.
He took home 4th place at the «World Harmonica Festival 2005» in Germany's town of Trossingen, in the category of Solo Diatonic Blues/Rock/Folk/Country.
There are two studio recorded albums behind him: «Mr. B.» (2007) and «Pigeon's Flight» (2008).

Little Pigeon's ForHill Blues is an acoustic project that was formed in December of 2001 out of Tomislav Goluban's (Little Pigeon) desire to revive Croatia's country/delta blues roots. Although in the beginning strictly acoustic instruments were used, the possibilities of electrification added a new dimension into this still primarily «acoustic» band.

The band concept are coming from Zabok, which is located in the heart of Croatia's Zagorje and therefore the group's name is a translated word play taken from Tomislav's last name (Goluban-Pigeon) and the region from which they come.

Repertoar of Little Pigeon's ForHill Blues is based on the country blues tradition and in combination with Zagorje's ethno elements, it also incorporates into its music an abundance of several other musical styles. In three words: cheerful, positive and original. (PS. Zagorje - a pleasant and peaceful hilly region in the north-west part of Croatia populated by high-spirited and hospitable people; that's where they live).