Tomislav Goluban & Little Pigeon's ForHill Blues

Tomislav Goluban & Little Pigeon's ForHill Blues


Anyone with a sense of humour and an interest in an original approach to European blues should certainly investigate this band.


TOMISLAV GOLUBAN - "Little Pigeon"
"Little Pigeon", derives from Tomislav’s surname, is a Croatian harp player who sounds like he has spent hours listening to Sonny Terry’s records but, what’s even more important, building his own musical identity on a base provided by his master. His music blends together country blues and traditional Croatian sounds.
He took home 4th place at the «World Harmonica Festival 2005» in Germany's town of Trossingen, in the category of Solo Diatonic Blues/Rock/Folk/Country.
There are two studio recorded albums behind him: «Mr. B.» (2007) and «Pigeon's Flight» (2008).

Little Pigeon's ForHill Blues is an acoustic project that was formed in December of 2001 out of Tomislav Goluban's (Little Pigeon) desire to revive Croatia's country/delta blues roots. Although in the beginning strictly acoustic instruments were used, the possibilities of electrification added a new dimension into this still primarily «acoustic» band.

The band concept are coming from Zabok, which is located in the heart of Croatia's Zagorje and therefore the group's name is a translated word play taken from Tomislav's last name (Goluban-Pigeon) and the region from which they come.

Repertoar of Little Pigeon's ForHill Blues is based on the country blues tradition and in combination with Zagorje's ethno elements, it also incorporates into its music an abundance of several other musical styles. In three words: cheerful, positive and original. (PS. Zagorje - a pleasant and peaceful hilly region in the north-west part of Croatia populated by high-spirited and hospitable people; that's where they live).


ForHill Train

Written By: Mihael Cvrk

a little bit it rested, exhaled then it slowly moved again
while new, it madly drove around, all night & day
then the times of great change -brought motor train engines
and our dearest, old train is now gone away

live coal it sparked and spewed to the children’s thrills & awe
in the darkness, it made truly impressive fireworks
and many a lover’s secret wishes it fulfilled,
everyone delighted in it, especially the zagorec (forhill man).

that good, old train of ours that whistled always when needed or not
always was a good companion and drove us to our hometown
and a real trooper alright with all the many stops it had
it still found the time to take us back home

how many our worries it always carried around
happiness and bliss and goods for the fair
pretty girls, musicians, those who faked disease
as long as we live we'll carry its spark in our hearts

half the forhill man met here and by no means were there few
home grown delicaces were taken for sale
full sacks and demijohns, tomatoes and potatoes
tasty ducks and turkeys well fed chickens too


and on it like in a tale my first love was set ablaze
it burned like a thatched roof on a vineyard house
it died out in heavy rain but a new love came along
with it now i have been for many, many years


Written By: T.Goluban/I.Kovacic


composed by: T.Goluban
text by: I. Kovacic
arr.: T.Goluban, N.Herceg, K.Dobricevic

ak' idem z autom van nemrem spit' ni kap
i tak sam razderl 10 pari slap
ko' je zel nek i vrne, ko' je zel nek i vrne
ko' je zel nek i vrne, nasih nula cijela pet

na markovu trgu zdigli su ruke
da bi svoje jetre spasili muke

dok vozil sam pod gasom bil sam sofer tocen
sad sam malo strahu mozda cak ukocen

stari, nisam spraznil bacvu spil sam samo jedan gem
nula cijeli jen' de je tu problem?

ja se slazem da pijancu nije mesto na cesti
ali nisam pijanec ak griotte volim jesti


"Mr. B." (2007)
"Pigeon's Flight" (2008)

Set List

Solo appearance: up to 30 minute concert.

Band can do up to 90 minute concert show (2x45 or 3x30)

We play our own songs (mostly intrumentals) and vocal cover tunes (blues, zydeco, gospel, rock).

ORIGINALS (instrumentals):
Country Party
Pigeon's Flight
Golden Fish

ORIGINALS (vocal songs):
ForHill Train
St. Rock

COVER (vocal songs):
Spread The News Around (S.Terry)
Down By The Riverside (Trad.)
Goodbye Little Girl (D.Malone)
Ya Ya (L.Dorsey)
See You Later Alligator (R.C.Guidry)
Diggin’ My Potatoes (Trad.)
Jesus On The Mainline (Trad.)
Messin' With The Kid (M.London)
My Toot Toot (S.Simien)
Don’t Bring Me Down (K.Breit)
Jambalaya (H.Williams)
Rock Island Line (Trad.)
Dust My Broom (R.Johnson)
Just Your Fool (W.Jacobs)