Tom Kastle

Tom Kastle


I'm a singer, songwriter, sailor, and teller of tales. I have one foot (and one CD called "Across the Centerline") in the singer/songwriter world and the other in traditional maritime world (new CD to be released June 2010). To back up the nautical part I am a tall ship captain.


I currently perform on 6 and 12 string guitars, some harmonica, and an antique Anglo concertina. My music reflects my various stages; garage bands, Irish pubs, trad maritime singing, and storytelling. Travel is a huge influence as well. I've traveled to and/or performed throughout the US as well as Canada, Mexico, Belize, the Netherlands, Poland, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Hawaii, Fiji, and New Zealand. Latin authors such as Jorge Amado, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez (and the poet Pablo Neruda) have also had a great influence.


It's Hard to Love a Woman (Who Loves Another Woman)

Written By: Tom Kastle

Now there might be something calling ‘cause you know that you are falling
When you look into those bottomless eyes
At the risk of being slighted or simply uninvited
In that house of love where you’re just a spy

Now it’s a sticky situation barring change in inclination
‘cause it’s understood that you’re just a friend
But you’re hoping that there might be some simple curiosity
Or a rule here or there she might bend

Because it’s hard to love a woman who loves another woman
When it’s obvious that you’re not her kind
Dearest friend or lover, keep your heart undercover
Out of sight, out of reach, out of mind

Now with subliminal suggestion there might be redirection
Of her heart and her affection for you
But keeping words unspoken won’t keep your heart from being broken
But right now there’s just no telling what to do

Because it’s hard to…

Now it’s hard to get right on it when you’re being just Platonic
Every time you wrap your arms around your friend
Sticking strictly to semantics while ignoring all my antics
I guess it comes down to it in the end

Because it’s…

Chattanooga Morning

Written By: Tom Kastle

It’s a Chattanooga morning with an Amsterdam sky
And a storm blowing out from the plains
And I’m on the Coast and you’re just a ghost
And memories are all that remain

Now John’s in Lauderdale, Remy’s in France
Jamie is out on the sea
Brian’s in Dublin learning to dance
And I know where I want to be

But you won’t see me, and you won’t call me
And you don’t want me, at all

You were there in the rockets’ red glare
In the scariest time of my life
Pablo he knew you were tough through and through
Though balanced on the edge of a knife

Now it’s a family desire for a Yuletide fire
And a miniature house all aglow
Sister and mother, captain and brother
Please tell me what I need to know

But you won’t see me, and you won’t call me
And you don’t need me, at all

Now it’s a Chattanooga morning with an Amsterdam sky
And Bradley is out on the road
It’s all complicated and I don’t know why
Please tell me what I should be told

But you won’t hear me, see me, call me, love me…

Wastin' My Time

Written By: Tom Kastle

Wastin’ my time, wastin’ my time
Wastin’ my time but I don’t really mind
If I’m wastin’ my time

Got a long hill to climb, got a tall hill to climb
Got a long hill to climb to see if you’re mine
Or I’m wastin’ my time

Hold me scold me, tell me I’m over the line
Want me or just haunt me, here at the scene of the crime
Where I’m wastin’ my time…

Yeah, I’m still feelin’ fine, still feelin’ fine
Eyes that sparkle and shine without even tryin’
It’s worth wastin’ my time

I’m just waitin’ for a sign, waitin’ for a sign
Waitin’ for a sign that you might be mine and I’m not wastin’ my time

Lips sweet as wine, fruit of the vine…


Tom & Chris Kastle recorded over 10 albums and did a soundtrack for PBS (WTTW Chicago). As a solo, I've released "Across the Centerline" a collection of more contemporary singer/songwriter selections and will release a solo (mostly) traditional maritime CD in a month or two that features me on vocals, 12 string, and concertina with guests on fiddle, cello, accordian and background vocals.

"With his solo recording and original songs, Tom Kastle shows further dimensions to his talent and range of material. His resonant voice, heartfelt lyrics, and solid instrumentation proves he is a more “grounded” talent—as capable as writing about the open road as he is about the open waters.”
—Lilli Kuzma :Folk Festival” WDCB-FM Radio

Set List

I do songs from both my genres and occassional forays into some favorite writers or performers as well as traditional Anglo/Celtic ballads.