Tom Kimmel

Tom Kimmel


TK may be best known for his songs, which have been recorded by dozens of major artists and featured in film and television, but he's also a unique, critically acclaimed artist and entertainer in his own right. He tours widely, has released seven albums and is appreciated around the world.



TOM KIMMEL is a unique and soulful singer and performer who has captivated audiences from Bhutan to Birmingham, from San Francisco to Stockholm, winning fans and garnering critical acclaim in the worlds of folk, rock and spiritual music.

An award winning songwriter, his songs have been featured in film and television and recorded by the likes of Johnny Cash, Linda Ronstadt, Randy Travis, Shawn Colvin, Dianne Reeves and many, many others.

A sought after teacher of songwriting and creative living, he leads classes and workshops around the US and Europe.

A man of many gifts, Tom Kimmel's poems are featured in poetry and literary journals, and he is a guest author at book festivals and book stores in the South and around the country.

“Rich melodies and fervent delivery.” –Los Angeles Times

“Kimmel has his own ‘voice’ and it rings with authority. A master poet.” –The Tennessean

“A talented singer-songwriter with a flair for striking images.” –Variety


TOM KIMMEL's new album "Never Saw Blue" is a collection of TK songs featured in film & TV. He has released seven other albums and published a book of poems, "The Sweetest & the Meanest."


"The Blue Train"
(written w/Jennifer Kimball)
-recorded by Linda Ronstadt for "Feels Like Home"
-recorded by The Trio (Linda Ronstadt/Dolly Parton,Emmylou Harris) for "Trio II"

(written w/Jennifer Kimball)
-recorded by Johnny Cash & Waylon Jennings for their album "Heroes"

"Shallow Water"
-recorded by Randy Travis for "Inspirational Journey"

"A to Z"
-recorded by Joe Cocker for his album "Cocker"

"When You Know"
(written w/Jeff Franzel)
-recorded by Dianne Reeves for her album "When You Know"

(written w/Jennifer Kimball)
-recorded by Nanci Griffith for "Hearts In Mind"

"Poetic Justice"
(written w/Buddy Mondlock)
-recorded by Maura O'Connell for her album "Stories"


"Never Saw Blue Like That"
(written w/Jeff Franzel & Mark Luna)
-recorded by Shawn Covin for the film "Runaway Bride" and the TV shows "Dawson's Creek" & "Party of Five"

"When You Know"
(written w/Jeff Franzel)
-recorded by Shawn Colvin for the film "Serendipity" and the TV show "As the World Turns"

"See Myself in You"
(written w/Tom Prasada-Rao)
-recorded by Randy Travis for "Touched By An Angel"

"Brother to Brother"
(written w/Liz Vidal)
-recorded by The Spinners for "Twins"

"The One"
(written w/Jay Joyce)
-recorded by Joe Cocker for "Miami Vice"

"Trip on Love" (written Liz Vidal)
-recorded by Abra Moore for "Cruel Intentions"

Set List

Tom usually plays two 40-45 minute sets or one 80-90 minute set. That does not include encores.

Sample Set List:
Shallow Water
Bigger Than Both of Us
The Blue Train
When You Know
Why Pretend
Trip On Love
See Myself In You
The Crying Ground
Poetic Justice