Tom Knapp

Tom Knapp


Clever singer/songwriter with a sound you won't soon get sick of. Writes music lyrics and aranges horns and other parts. What a refresher! What a band!


Tom Knapp First became interested in songwriting when he heard Axl Rose wailing over Paradise City and November Rain. Though one would be hard-pressed to find the influence of Guns’n?Roses in his work today the sound of that band is what spurred him to take up Piano and various other instruments.

Tom had constant exposure to classical music from Birth. His mother sang in various University choirs and brought him and his brother to rehearsals where they would pass the time, listening, fighting, and eating fast food. At home she taught and continues to teach voice lessons so the brothers grew up hearing everything from Brahms to the Beatles.

His interest in music was clear from an early age and has become more of a passion. More recent influences come from Jazz musicians (he’s a big fan of Miles and Herbie) as well as other songwriters like Stevie Wonder, Sting, Neil Hannon and Ben Folds.

His band is called “Tom Kinder’s Hands and Feet.?


Maybe It's The Money Talkin'

Written By: Thomas C. Knapp

Maybe It~{!/~}s The Money Talkin~{!/~}
-tom knapp-

Here I am,
I~{!/~}m standing here
facing you.
You don~{!/~}t appear.
Where~{!/~}s the love you spoke of?
It~{!/~}s all out
on the floor again,
the dirty laundry
and the kids.
Who~{!/~}s got time to sort it out?
I could cry
or throw a fit,
but you wouldn~{!/~}t
give a shit
unless I run you over.

Throwing dishes,
makin~{!/~} noise
while I~{!/~}m drinkin~{!/~}
with the boys,
the screams they echo
through the neighborhood
and bang against the boards
of every other home,
but everyone~{!/~}s
afraid to open up their mouths
to stand out~{!-~}
to stand out

Here I am,
I~{!/~}m standing here
face to face
and with out fear,
or maybe it~{!/~}s the whiskey talkin~{!/~}.
It~{!/~}s all out
on the floor again.
Let~{!/~}s pick this up
and deal with it
before it runs us over.

Leave these issues
thinking everything~{!/~}s
your fault.
The red~{!/~}s so thick
you wouldn~{!/~}t dream that you were
colorblind and wrong
and maybe you belong
and things aren~{!/~}t that bad at all~{!-~}
and maybe it~{!/~}s the money talkin~{!/~}

(Maybe it~{!/~}s the money talking)
Don~{!/~}t listen.
Maybe it~{!/~}s the money talkin~{!/~}
(Maybe it~{!/~}s the money talking)

Leave these issues unresolved.
Things, they aren~{!/~}t that bad at all.
If you take a hit you keep on walkin~{!/~}.

Maybe it~{!/~}s the money talking

Set List

All original 3-5 1/2 minute songs