Tom Kozlowski

Tom Kozlowski

 Groveport, Ohio, USA

A retro fusion of acoustic pop rock and folk, with lyrics that blend spirituality, love, loss, and introspection in straightforward arrangements not overly produced.


Tom Kozlowski is a singer/songwriter currently living in central Ohio with his wife

Carey, two cats, and five guitars. He is a self-taught musician, writing songs since he was

ten years old, though in recent years he has studied formal composition and guitar with

central Ohio composer Richard Smoot. His influences have been many,

and range from folk to rock to classical music. The themes of his songs

include world events, as well as spirituality, and the “inner space”

we all share. He loves to read poetry and is a big fan of Flannery O’Connor’s

short stories. His idea of the perfect day(aside from writing a new song)

is a hike in the Rocky Mountains with Carey, where once, on such a hike, they were

visited by a raven on the trail for the better part of an hour, and he took that to mean an

omen of good things to come. He believes it’s best for his songs to speak for themselves,

because, he says, revealing too many secrets, will, in the words of a native American

shaman “diminish the power of one’s magic”.

Tom plays primarily in smaller, intimate venues, such as coffee houses,

parties, and small clubs.

Though he is not outspoken on the subject of politics, Tom hopes the next few years

will see new leadership in the USA and the world, statesmen who will stand for social

justice and stand against unnecessary aggression to solve our problems.

Although “Between Two Fires” is Tom Kozlowski’s first formal release, it is by no means

his first collection of songs. He has many songs in his catalogue, and future releases will

certainly be forthcoming.


Jagged Edge

Written By: Tom Kozlowski

I’ve watched the years disappear what happened to my youth

Winter days cold and gray I’m holdin’ on win or lose

Too late for compromise I won’t get out alive

Walkin’ on the jagged edge hangin’ by a thread waitin’ for you

Walkin’ on the jagged edge got no place to rest my head still payin’ these dues

Walkin’ on the jagged edge gone astray and left for dead but I won’t give up on you

On the jagged edge…On the jagged edge

Sometimes we give up the thing we love sometimes we can’t let go

Sometimes we let that one true thing slip away and we don’t even know

I need to see a sign to ease my troubled mind

Walkin’ on the jagged edge risked it all to keep my pledge to make this rendezvous

Walkin’ on the jagged edge I could’ve run away instead and lived a life untrue

Walkin’ on the jagged edge lost my way and been mislead but I won’t give up on you

On the jagged edge…On the jagged edge

I think my time is up don’t make me drink this cup

Walkin’ on the jagged edge people say I’ve lost my head squandered all that’s good and true

Walkin’ on the jagged edge they say it’s meaningless but they haven’t got a clue

Walkin’ on the jagged edge I don’t regret the life I’ve led waiting here for you

On the jagged edge…On the jagged edge

Words & Music Copyright 2003 Tom Kozlowski


Written By: Tom Kozlowski

Got this hunger won't stop burning

Ain't no cure for

This endless yearning

Only one thing fills the empty space

Tomorrow something new will take

it's place

All I need is one more drink

just another taste

It's such a sin to walk away and let

it go to waste

Got this hunger cruel temptation

Ain't no stopping my damnation

It's easier to stop the first desire

Than afterwards put out

The raging fire

High up on the mountaintop he

offered me the world

The devil's in the details

come time to pay the bill

Got this hunger endless craving

It's all too clear now

I'm well past saving

Waiting for that providential kiss

Settled for a life of hit or miss

Driven through this barren land

Can't settle down ain't got no plan

I hope someday I'm swallowed

whole by the hunger that

torments my soul

Got this hunger it never leaves me

What's the use now

No one believes me

Got this hunger

Got this hunger

Copyright 2004 Tom Kozlowski

The Heartache Will Stay

Written By: Tom Kozlowski

The warm summer breeze

Gave way to the winter wind

I saw the last leaf

Hold out to the end

Seems she just walked out

Left no room for doubt

We couldn't go on this way

There's no second chance

Like a cheap romance

In love there's a price to be paid

I can tell you for sure

The heartache will stay

She smiles like a child

It hurts when she laughs

There's no reason why

This love shouldn't last

Sometimes beauty dies

Under the weight of lies

It's hard facing up to the truth

There's no room for blame

Keeping score is vain

Either way both of us lose

I can tell you for sure

The heartache will stay

I know you're waiting

For time to erase


But when the pain stops

There'll still be a space

I can tell you for sure

The heartache will stay

Words and Music Copyright 2007 Tom Kozlowski


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