Tom Lang

Tom Lang


Traditional country music with a wild hit of Cajun. Tom Lang's voice will draw to you at the first song off the album with an original hick, 'Chicken Pickin' Guitar Man'. Country, Rockabilly and ballads. Truck drivin songs at their best!


Tom Lang was born in Belton, TX. and raised on a central Texas farm until he was sixteen years of age. His family moved out west and Tom began to develop his singing. He was a long haul truck driver and part-time musician for nearly twenty years. He traveled the I-5 corridor and became known as "The Singing Truck Driver", Tom has a heart for country music and understands the language of the truck drivers.

"Roll Freightliner" was written by Tom Lang because of his experience in trucking. the song mentions the "grapevine" which is known to the truckers as a long steep hill on Interstate 5 near Los Angeles. There is a 35mph speed posted for trucks which is strictly enforced. Tom credits much of his music inspiration to his father.

Tom's song was included in the June Issue of Super Driver Audio Cassette Magazine alongside Charlie Pride. Also Overdrive Magazine published an interview with Tom which appeared in the October Issue. Tom has had the privilege of performing with such stars as Bob Looman and Steve Warner. He has preformed in many clubs throughout the United States. Wherever he's performed, Tom has met with a warm welcome from his audiences who respond enthusiastically to his relaxed personality and warm baritone voice. He has never left an audience unhappy with his performance.

"Roll Freightliner" is a song for the men and women who keep this great country moving, the truck drivers.


2005 - Greatest Hits
2003 - California Slipped My Mind
1993 - Roll Freightliner