Tom Laramee
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Tom Laramee

Seattle, Washington, United States

Seattle, Washington, United States
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter


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"Review of Seven Shades of Time, by Andrew Gross"

The third effort from Seattle singer-songwriter Tom Laramee is an assured, emotionally draining work that delivers on all the promise of his previous album, Woke Up Today. The artist's growth between albums is evident in every facet of the production, from songwriting to post-production, but nowhere as noticeably as in the vocals themselves; Laramee has found an even, slightly breathy delivery that is easy on the ears while still allowing for the expression of genuine emotion.

The album opens with Tumble Around, a song with such a catchy guitar hook that you find yourself anxiously tapping your foot through other parts of the song. Laramee uses that impatient energy to create a feeling in the listener that mirrors and amplifies the lyrics story of being buffeted by time:

Realize how little / time to say / what should be said / everything
How've you been doing / where have you been / soon I'll be going / don't know when

Trading Time is very nearly flawless, and easily Laramee's strongest offering to date. The cello line is seamlessly woven into the song, accentuating but not overpowering; the lyrics echo the same existential theme that runs throughout many of the songs on this album, but feelsmore universal and less confessional here. Halfway through 2007, this is my song of the year so far.

Displaying fine instincts, Laramee ends the album with the gentle, melodic Desire. The mournful lyrics are counterpoint to the sweet, accomplished guitar work, and relax just enough of the tension that has built through the previous six tracks that we can finally exhale. Seven Shades of Time is a beautiful album.

- Songstage

"Review of Seven Shades of Time by Matt Firckelton"

This sophomore release is a journey through the emotional spectrum, from bright hopefulness to cold isolation. Laramee's use of dynamics and tight songwriting have increased on this release as well as the addition of a full band. As can be expected from a Laramee album the recording quality is superb with bright acoustics and clear vocals.

As the album progresses the songs mellow in tempo but increase in emotional intensity as well as the production branching into new areas with instruments like a cello and a harmonica that keep the listener's ears piqued.

Overall the album flows just like the title says, Laramee slowly waking up to an emotional world and trying to understand all its wonders and mysteries. - The Fading Collection


Following Behind (2004).
Woke Up Today (2006).
Seven Shades of Time (2007).



Tom is a songwriter from Seattle, WA, currently working on his fourth CD.