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2' Small

Written By: Tom LeFave

2’ small

The shades come up
Let in the sun
Not the only one
Who knows what you have done

Sit in your chair
Look in the mirror
You cannot mask
The person you’ve become

You know you’re wrong
All you care for is gone
Now you’re feeling, yeah you’re feeling
Two foot small

A day goes by
You pray time flies
But time stands still
If you think too much it will

Darkness falls
You cannot sleep
You realize that
What was once may still not be


And now you’re rolling back
Trying to speak with friends who never call
You’re tears are holding back
Knowing this time you’ve gone too far
You’re the only one who is at fault


The shades stay down
You just lay around
Can’t stand tall
When you’re feeling two foot small

You're not Alone

Written By: Tom LeFave

From the time I walked in
You we looking at me instead of him
Then you’re eyes were locked in
A simple glance unnoticed, a stare evident

He got up and left on your own
He didn’t notice that you’re eyes had roamed
You were gesturing to me
I guess you realized who I used to be
But you don’t know me

You’re just sitting back
Waiting for him to come back
You’re not alone, girl you’re not alone
You’re just waiting by
Waiting for someone to try
You’re not alone, girl you’re not alone

There was a time we did know
But you have to realize baby I’ve grown
I’m not the man I used to be
And you’re with him now, not with me
Not who we used to be


There was a place and a time
That was years ago


Wait out the Sun

Written By: Tom LeFave

A dark cloud rolls in, to suffocate our light
Hold on I know we’ll get through this alive
It kind of seems too quiet
The silence will be overrun

Waves come crashing to face the test of time
We run, scraping for all that’s left to find
I turn away, you follow
Out to the edge of the earth
Along the way we struggle
Can’t turn your back on me now

I say we wait out the sun
We can outlast everyone
Wait out the sun, become one

Trudging endlessly through contested miles
Holding on to our dreams for once in life
No time to breath or swallow
No time to fall far behind
No way I leave you fallen
I won’t turn my back on you now

I say we wait out the sun
We can outlast everyone
We’ll be the last two standing when it’s done
Wait out the sun, become one

One lapse, not turning back, we’ve come too far
Won’t break not while we wait out the sun

We’re still standing
A testament to time