Tom Lippincott

Tom Lippincott


Tom Lippincott writes and records literate, finely crafted, but quircky pop songs with hints of rock, country, blues, jazz and Americana. Fans of such artists as Sting, the Beatles, Paul Simon, and Emmylou Harris will enjoy this music.


8 and 6 string guitarist Tom Lippincott lives, plays gigs and recording sessions, and teaches in the southeast Florida area. Primarily plays modern mainstream to postmodern/avant garde jazz, but also plays classical, flamenco, pop, rock, blues, country, ect. Writes, performs and produces pop songs and music from other genres as well.


Active Ingredient; Extra Strength (Bainbridge Records, 1990) (jazz fusion)
Painting the Slow Train Brown (Fresh Vinyl Recordings, 2000) (post modern jazz)
Streaming tracks of these as well as other material at

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I do not perform my pop songs in a live setting