Tommy John Ehman

Tommy John Ehman

 Craik, Saskatchewan, CAN

TJE music is best described as a blend of country rock, alternative country and roots music and has been compared to such artists as Steve Earle, John Mellencamp, Bruce Springsteen and Charlie Major. The live show is energetic and exciting and every effort is made to make each and every show as memorable as possible.


TJE 2018/2019 update:

A New Single called "Say You Are" is set for release in February of 2019. The song is a duet with Saskatchewan recording artist Amanda Hagel and produced by Jesse Weiman at Nolita Studios in Saskatoon, SK.

A Newest full-length Album called "Day Night" was released in September of 2017. It is a stripped down, acoustic record of 11 TJE self-penned tracks. Country, roots, folk and Canadiana would best describe the songs in this new recording. Produced and recorded by Jesse Weiman at Nolita Studios in Saskatoon, SK.

TJE Band live at "Country At The CreeK" Music FestivaL 2016

TJE Bio:

Tommy John Ehman has the heart and soul of a songwriter, a desire and a passion to perform and a deep enthusiasm for music that has driven him over a long career that has produced 6 studio albums, 10 radio singles, airplay from coast to coast across Canada and placing on major Canadian radio charts.

He's played everything from small clubs to large venues to festivals and opened for Michelle Wright, Doc Walker and Aaron Prichett along the way. As well as headlining at the “Country at the Creek Festival” in Big River, SK, he's had 2 memorable performances at the CNIB's “iFactor” fundraisers at Lake Joe in Muskoka Ontario which were a true honor and a major highlight in his career thus far.

 Influences like Tom Petty, John Mellencamp, Bruce Springsteen and Waylon Jennings have helped shape his unique songwriting and musical style. From deep stark acoustic gems to full-on, up-tempo country rockers TJE is always looking to write that next great song and keep his fans cheering for more.

The Brand new album (his 6th) titled “Day Night” is an 11 song “acoustic” effort of some of TJE's most in-perspective songwriting to date and captures his voice and performance like never before. Produced by Jesse Weiman, this new record is sure to be a hit with his loyal fans and no doubt bring many new ones to discover his vast musical talent.

TJE's music can be found on Spotify, itunes, Apple Music, CD Baby and many other streaming and download sites

TJE Band live at "Country At The CreeK" Music FestivaL 2016


When The Walls Come Down

Written By: Tommy John Ehman

We got a long way to go
'till we get it right
Comin' out of the darkness
into the light
It's time to forgive, paint it all black and white...
When the walls come down
When the walls come crumblin' down
Well you lay down your heart to make a new start
When the walls come down
When the wall come crumblin' down
Callin' brothers and sister
To stand up as one
And all the world's armies
Lay down your guns
Comin' ore the horizon
It's a beautiful sun
Now I stand on the mountain high over the land
I reach to the sky with wide open hands
Rain comin' down from a heavenly place
Wash away sins with just love and with faith

Jack And The Letters Home

Written By: Tommy John Ehman

Now the year was 1941, a long, long time ago
My brother Jack went off to war, I was too young to go
Well he told me that night that he wasn’t scared
And that our country needs his hand
He said don’t worry about me little brother, but it’s time to become a man

Now he wrote me letters faithfully, from a land so far away
I’d dream that I was there with him, just brothers in berets
Well he said the war was going well, he might be home by spring
And give my love to Mom and Dad, and don’t worry about anything

Well three months by and no letters came,
I checked the mailbox everyday
I imagined he was just too busy, and my faith would never stray
Then one night I could hear my momma, crying on the telephone
I laid in bed with tears in my eyes, wishing I’d never know

Now the war was over and the boys came back
Some returned sad and alone
Some found love on distant shores, while some we’ll never know
Now my brother Jack never did come home, all those years ago
But I keep his letters close to my heart, here with me wherever I go

Now the year was 1941, a long, long time ago
My brother Jack went off to war, I was too young to go

Stand Up For Your Country

Written By: Tommy John Ehman

I woke up this morning, looked out my window
Saw a beautiful sunrise, waking the day

A house on the corner, a wife and the kids
Just everyday people, with a little something to give

I don’t want to tell you now, how to live your life
But I know we’re all trying hard, to do what we think is right
And I’m calling all Canadians, to stand up
Stand up for your country.

High on the mountains, down through the valleys
All across the wheat fields, to the heart of the city streets

On a long stretch of highway, a wide open sky
Oh, But we built this land, we built it on hard work,
peace and pride
Come on rise up lift your voices, they’re playing our song
Wrap yourself around the flag and fearlessly hold on

This our land, this is our home
Where we raise our kids and we raise our flag
We sing our song and we sing her praise
Oh, but it’s a little rough,
Yea, a little rough on us these days


Wheels of Life

Written By: Tommy John Ehman

Momma close the window, it’s raining out
Little baby sister, hiding in the corner
She said thunder makes me scared, momma hold me
Everything will be all right come the morning

Wheels of life just keep turning
Hands of time never stop
Wheels of life just keep turning
Arms reach out to the sky
Wheels of life, Wheels of life

Daddy’s gone away, he’s in the Army
Tears on the frame, lost lonely pictures
He said I got a job to do and I’m willing
Put a light on for me and one for you


Mommy I want Daddy to come home
I miss his touch I miss his kiss
Baby brush your teeth, it’s time for bed
Then come sit close beside me, we’ll say a little prayer


Walk A Little Lighter With Me

Written By: Tommy John Ehman

My heart’s been hanging low
My heart’s been beating mighty slow
The weight of the world is dragging me down
I need a little help to bring me around

Come on darling light my way
I’m feeling this is going to be my day
I put my faith into your hands
To lead me on to the promised land
Walk a little lighter, walk a little lighter with me

Sometimes I feel I’m overwhelmed
My tank is low and I don’t feel so well
Hold me close tight to your breast
And let your heart do all the rest


With you I walk without fear
With strength and courage and the road is clear
And no doubt, no weakness no hesitation
Walk a little lighter, walk a little lighter with me

Now there’s no way to know what tomorrow will bring
But now I’m pretty sure of at least one thing
That every step I take with you
Is a leap of faith closer to the truth


Red, White and Red

Written By: Tommy John Ehman

Open up your door and take a breath of air
Sit and watch the sun come up from your back stair
A second cup of coffee to kick start your day
mmm the Canadian way

Now Daddy says goodbye to his baby girl
As he head out the door to take a bite out of the world
He’s got a job and he works real hard to bring home his pay
mmm the Canadian way

Red, White and Red all right
Well it stands for freedom and a better way of life
Yea, Red, White and Red all right

Bobby put that hammer down to wipe his brow
That’s a lot of work he done but it makes him proud
Work bell ring, the sun goin’ down on another day
mmm the Canadian way


Now our boys are fighting in their back yard and that
makes me scared
But that’s the cost of freedom, so say another prayer
Keep us safe we say, the Canadian way



"Wasted Nights" - Tommy John Ehman and Idle Rains - released 1996
"To The Wall" - Idle Rains - released 2002
"Like Father; Like Son" - Tommy John Ehman - released 2005
"Wheels of Life" - Tommy John Ehman - released 2008
"Turn On The Radio" - Tommy John Ehman - released 2010

"Day Night" - Tommy John Ehman - released 2017

The Singles: (released to Canadian country radio)
1. Stand Up For Your Country (from Wheels of Life) - reached # 60 on the Cancon country charts
2. Walk A Little Lighter With Me (from Wheels of Life) - reached #65 on the charts and stayed on the chart for more than 3 months.
3. Jack And The Letters Home (from Wheels of Life)
debut at #87 after only 3 days of release, reaches #73.
4. When The Walls Come Down (from Wheels of Life)
reached #71 cancon charts, Country Music News
5. A Regular Girl - Nov. 2010 song is at #65 CMnews top 100 cancon songs.
6. Moments in Time - March 2011, song reaches #85 on Median Base chart.
7. Turn On The Radio - 3rd signle from new CD

Set List

Tommy is playing shows both in an acoustic type format and as well with his back up band Idle Rains.
The acoustic shows consist of playing original songs from the new CD "Turn On The Radio" and as well songs from his other recordings. Sets are arranged to suit induvidual situations ranging from a few songs to hour or more sets.

For larger events such as festival club dates and caberets Idle Rains will back up Tommy for an energetic set of originals songs again coming from his 5 studio albums.

The band also plays a great mix of country rock and classic rock for club dates and caberets where cover material is required.